Avengers: Infinity War

Fans have been following the nuances of the Marvel Cinematic Universe for a while now, across all the films and years.  Questions have arisen about characters’ super-powers, back-stories, and futures – but through all the hero hype, Marvel has done a good job of helping the audience remember that these larger-than-life characters are people, too.  People with feelings and the need for interaction with other people.

So, then, becomes the concern of romance – and maybe just the occasional hook-up.  We’ve seen some heroes pair off or get involved romantically with other characters, but the one coupling that fans keep seeming to come back to in a “will they or won’t they” type of vibe is Captain America (Chris Evans) and the Black Widow (Scarlet Johansson).

In speaking with Entertainment Tonight, the two actors were asked directly about the possibility of the romance playing out on-screen in the upcoming ‘Avengers: Infinity War.’  Johansson tried to play coy for a moment before getting real:

“It’s hard to say. I don’t think that romance has ever really been in the air for these two, it just doesn’t seem….sorry to disappoint!”

Evans, for his part, followed up with a much more elaborate answer:

“No I agree though, I think there’s a functionality there, there’s a void that they each fill for each other, and I think they’ve each kind of each had to face a little bit of a kind of destruction of a belief system along the way and I think they’ve each leaned on one another for different reasons. I think in a lot of ways Cap certainly looks up to Black Widow. I think she’s always been a little wiser, a little more experienced, a little more callous in the way the world really is, and I think in ‘Civil War,’ Steve Rogers had to learn the hard way that things that you’re banking on don’t always – [they] sometimes let you down, and I think in the last couple of years before we pick up in this film they’ve really kind of become this rock for one another, but I don’t know if it ever bleeds into a romance.”

Sounds fairly definitive to me – looks like the Steve/Natasha romance action will have to be relegated to the pages of online fan fiction.  Sorry, super friends!

‘Avengers: Infinity War’ will be released in US theaters on April 27, 2018.