Fans of ‘The Big Bang Theory‘ will be a little surprised to see Johnny Galecki (‘In Time‘,’Hancock’) portraying an entirely new type of role as he has signed up to be a part of ‘Rings.’

Generally known more for humor than horror, this will be a pretty contrasting part from how we usually see him. Even when he hasn’t been in comedies, there are very few roles that you can truly say he’s had a serious voice in. Not that he hasn’t done any, they’ve just been few and far between.

In the film, Galecki is going to be playing Gabriel who is described as a “handsome, pleasure-seeking professor.” We don’t know too much about him though it looks as if he’ll be helping Alex Roe’s Holt character and Matilda Lutz’s Julia character after Julia has watched the tape. We do know that with the film being a sequel and not a prequel that he isn’t meant to be a character who we’ve already been introduced to in the past.

Of course the announcement that Aidan, the son from the first two films, will be returning could play a key part here. It could be quite possible that Gabriel is the one that brings Holt and Julia in contact with Aidan to have them either receive the tape or potentially find a way to break the curse.

We’ve seen quite a few comedians show up in horror films in the past, whether it be to flex their acting muscles or get out of being typecast as just a comedian. With the past success of ‘The Ring’ this could be a solid hit assuming the franchise still has legs to stand on after all of these years.

What do you think of Galecki switching things up from laughs to terror? Share our thoughts below!

Source: Cinema Blend