Well it sounds as if Jonathan Lemkin (‘The Devil’s Advocate’,’Red Planet’) is out for working on the script for ‘G.I. Joe 3‘ and Aaron Berg is in!

Initially Evan Daugherty had been announced to pen the script and was later replaced by Lemkin. While there is no word as why Lemkin is no longer the screenwriter for the film or if his screenplay is being used at all, what we do know is that Berg has now been tapped to scribe the film.

For those of you not familiar with Berg, you shouldn’t be surprised as this will only be the second screenplay that he’s worked on. The first? A film called ‘Section 6’ which is set to tell the origins of MI6, the British intelligence agency. Yes, the same one we’ve seen James Bond work for. Speaking of Bond, ‘Section 6’ has actually been on hold for awhile now as MGM and Danjaq (who own the rights to Bond) had started a lawsuit over that film.

With ‘Section 6’ having gone up in a bidding war, it is clear that Berg can pen a script that studios want to release and with the first one being spy orientated, he could very well be a perfect fit for the next ‘G.I. Joe’ installment. Paramount is desperately wanting to create a third film in the series and if they are going to have this film be as successful as the prior two, they’ll need to have the next movie be something that catches everyone’s attention. With his work with spies being at the forefront of his first film, it is an idea that could trickle into ‘G.I. Joe 3’ and is a tactic that could easily be drawn upon for either Cobra or G.I. Joe to use going forward. If rumors of the Tomax twins being in charge of Cobra for the next film are true, they could even work corporate espionage into the mix.

At this time, D.J. Caruso is still set to direct the next film.

What are your thoughts on a newer writer tackling the next ‘G.I. Joe’ film? Is this is a good bet or should they have pulled someone with more experience in? Share your thoughts below!

Source: The Hollywood Reporter