A spec script based off the popular short film, ‘Realm’ has just been sold to Relativity Studios. Writer Rebecca Sonnenshine penned the script, and Scott Speer, the director of the short, has signed on to direct the feature that many are thinking could be a popular franchise along the lines of ‘Resident Evil’ or ‘Underworld’.

“Realm” is strikingly similar to ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer.’ It’s about a young girl who has the power to enter the soul of a person who is possessed by a demon. With some kickass moves, she’s able to annihilate one’s inner demons (as opposed to your more traditional exorcisms where a demon is just transferred to another person.) However, outside of transcendent demon fighting, our heroine is a normal girl trying to find her way in the world and dealing with her own inner demons.

The short stars Adelaide Kane who you may know as Mary, Queen of Scots in ‘Reign’ as well as William Russ (‘Boy Meets World’).

Speer is best known for directing ‘Step Up Revolution.’ ‘Realm’ writer John Swetnam (who also wrote ‘Into the Storm’ and ‘Step Up All In’) will produce through Mad Horse Films. The two chose Rebecca Sonnenshine to craft the feature-length script. Sonnenshine is a supervising producer and writer for ‘The Vampire Diaries’ and is clearly able to tackle the world of supernatural teenage angst.

The short is pretty spectacular and a potential franchise could definitely scratch that itch that many fans have had since ‘Buffy’ went off the air. Check it out:

UPDATE: Looks like they’ve passcode protected the short but once we get a working link, we’ll post it here. 

Source: Deadline