Two great heroes meet and rather than shaking hands and teaming up to stop a threat greater than either could defeat on their own, they immediately start slinging fists at each other!  No, this isn’t the Marvel Universe.  It’s ‘Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice,’ the next step in building DC’s cinematic universe.  What brings these two face-to-face?  And what pits them against one another?

The Frank Miller miniseries ‘The Dark Knight Returns’ has frequently been cited as an influence on this film.  Kevin Smith called Ben Affleck’s suit the spitting image of Miller’s illustrations of Batman.  Jenna Malone has been cast in a “secret role” which everyone knows is Carrie Kelly, the new Robin featured in that book.  And of course, this story featured one of the most epic throw-downs between the Caped Crusader and the Man of Steel.

In this futuristic tale, a grizzled Batman has retired only to watch Gotham City become overtaken by crime, corruption and mutant gangs.  An ageless Superman has fallen under the thrall of the President of the USA.  Batman reemerges to attempt to clean up Gotham, while the President sends Superman to stop a nuclear missile, which he detonates, sending a magnetic pulse that wipes out all electrical energy in the US.  The President sends Superman to battle Batman.  Superman is already weakened by the nuclear blast and Batman suits up in armor and with Kryptonite in hand, ultimately defeats his former ally.


Now rumor has it, this plot will be Bizarro-fied slightly.  After the rampant destruction in ‘Man of Steel,’ Superman isn’t exactly the US government’s (or any government’s) favorite alien visitor.  But like ‘The Dark Knight Returns,’ Superman does zoom to Gotham to confront Batman, but this time he is dispatched by… Lex Luthor.  Originally, Batman lunges into the attack, but in this take, Superman throws the first punch, shattering the Batmobile with one blow!

Of course that still leaves loads of questions, such as Lex Luthor’s true motivation, why Superman would follow his orders, and how do Cyborg, Wonder Woman and Aquaman factor in?

Does this sound like the start of an amazing cinematic clash?  Who should win, considering that no one knows that Kryptonite exists?  Everyone always says that Batman could beat Superman because he plays dirty, can plan ahead and has Kryptonite.  Take those last two out of the equation and what happens?  Does Batfleck stand a chance?

Source: Badass Digest