Meet… and say goodbye to The New 52 version of the Doom Patrol.  Essentially this is the 80s version.  We see Scott Fischer and Karma, as well as the dead body of Negative Woman.  Scott also references Celsius and Tempest, but… don’t look forward to seeing them anytime soon.  Or these two.  Just sayin’.  (That Scott Fischer… he can’t catch a break.  He died the first time around during the ‘Invasion’ miniseries.)  There are hints that Doctor Niles Caulder will assemble a “new” Doom Patrol, which I’m guessing will actually be a team closer to the original unit, which is ironic in that the characters presented here are actually the second incarnation of the team.

The Doom Patrol aren’t the only blast from the past included here.  It seems as if the Metal Men will be making a return as well.

But the focus of this issue is Cyborg’s father Silas and T.O. Morrow attempting to rebuild Vic’s cybernetic body without the help of computers.  (Nice that they finally touched on that, after showing them using a computer earlier.)  The rebuilding process actually includes a load of Easter Eggs referencing classic characters from JLA history.

It really is past time that Cyborg got a spotlight issue.  The fact that he was included as a founding member of the League would seem to indicate that his role in the DC Universe was being elevated, but he’s received very little “screen time” up to now and he’s the only founder that doesn’t have his own comic book.  Hell, they even gave solo comics to Katana and Vibe!  Yet Cyborg has served as a background character at best, so it was good that they gave him a little time to shine here.  Not only that, but he receives a sleek makeover that I for one enjoy.

The art, by Ivan Reis with Joe Prado, Jesus Merino and Vicente Fuentes looks great as usual.  That’s really all I have to say.

Overall, this issue felt like a good installment of the Forever Evil storyline.  It was nice to see Cyborg get a spotlight and the inclusion of the Doom Patrol and Metal Men was unexpected but welcome world building.  The art is beautiful.  Solid across the board.



Written by Geoff Johns
Breakdowns by Ivan Reis
Finishes by Joe Prado, Jesus Merino, Vicente Fuentes
Cover by Ivan Reis, Joe Prado, Rod Reis