After a three month wait, Telltale Games has finally announced that the second episode of ‘Tales from the Borderlands’ is expected to launch on its respective platforms during the week of March 17.

Entitled “Atlas Mugged”, the second episode has protagonists Rhys and Fiona on a race to discover the secrets of the Atlas Corporation and what they had been doing before the evil company known as Hyperion took over the planet of Pandora.

The release date announcement of the second episode of ‘Tales from the Borderlands’ has definitely been a long time coming seeing as how the first episode released back in late November 2014.

‘Tales from the Borderlands’ is an episodic graphic adventure game series based in the universe of the popular Gearbox Software first-person shooter series ‘Borderlands‘. It puts players in the shoes of a Hyperion employee Rhys and a con-artist named Fiona, an unlikely duo who must embark on an adventure that will put them through up against countless dangers.

Those who are familiar with Telltale Games titles of the past like ‘The Walking Dead,’ ‘Game of Thrones‘ and ‘The Wolf Among Us‘ will be right at home with ‘Tales from the Borderlands.’ Like those titles,  ‘Tales from the Borderlands’ also features an emphasis on narrative and consequential in-game choices.

The series is planned to be five episodes in total. Each episode is priced at $4.99 individually. However, those interested in purchasing the entire series right off the bat can do so by purchasing a Season Pass. The Season Pass is priced for $19.99 on PSN, and includes episodes 1-5. On Xbox Live. The pass is priced $14.99 but includes episodes 2-5, meaning players must first purchase episode 1 before getting it. Steam users can snatch the Season Pass for $24.99.

“Atlas Mugged” will be available on PS3, PS4 and Windows PC on March 17. The Xbox One and Xbox 360 versions are set to follow on March 18, while the iOS and Android versions will release on March 19.