Not everyone has been happy with Katrina on this season of ‘Sleepy Hollow‘ and apparently actress Katia Winter hasn’t been a huge fan of her either! Since she has become a series regular her main purpose has been to tear apart the partnership between Ichabod Crane and Lieutenant Abbie Mills. The show’s viewers haven’t really been a fan of this as ratings have hit an all time low.

Winter who plays the character feels that her material is what is really throwing fans off and isn’t enjoying how she has been written:

“God, I’ve had a hard time at times. I’m doing the best with what I’ve given. I’m not in control over the story lines, so I’ve at times been frustrated with certain things. So I totally see why it’s been difficult for fans.”

Clearly when someone states they are “doing the best with what I’ve given,” that usually means they aren’t a fan of their current role. What specifically  is the issue? Well there are a few that really speak to her:

“She’s been trying to do this good thing, but she always seems to upset people. There’s always someone upset with Katrina. Her son or Ichabod or Abbie or Headless, you know?… She hasn’t really had that strength that I think people expect from a witch. Especially because it’s been said so many times in the series, “She’s got so much power!” and then she hasn’t been able to prove it yet. So I think that’s where a lot of the frustration lies. And also the fact that a lot of people don’t like the idea of Ichabod being with someone else other than Abbie. That doesn’t help.”

With Katrina being one of the clear cut problems on the show I’m wondering what would be the best way to deal with her. Either finding a way to kill her off or return her to just being there or cameos might settle a lot of our problems with the series.

What are your thoughts on ‘Sleepy Hollow’s second season and what is causing the ratings flub? Would getting rid of Katrina help the show or hinder what they have planned? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Cinema Blend