‘Arrow’ fans are getting a former ‘Hellboy’ actor as Doug Jones (‘Crimson Peak,’ ‘Pan’s Labyrinth’) has joined the cast of ‘Arrow‘ as Jake Simmons, aka Deathbolt. He’ll be showing up on the third season of the series in the 19th episode which is titled “Broken Arrow.” There is no word at this time if he will be a threat for a standalone scenario or part of the ongoing story arc of the season.

The character Deathbolt has been around since 1983 where he was introduced in ‘All-Star Squadron’ #21. He was created by Roy Thomas and Jerry Ordway who dubbed him as “the living battery.” Instead of the ability to control lightning and electricity as he does in the comics, we’ll see him wielding the control over plasma energy instead.

That sounds rather unpleasant for anyone that needs to go up against him.

It is an interesting direction for the show. Until this point the majority of the super powered characters that this televised shared universe have introduced have popped up on ‘The Flash’ first. While not believable for our world the villains in ‘Arrow’ have been more grounded for the most part.

I wonder if he’ll just be learning to use his powers here or if one of the characters introduced on ‘The Flash’ may end up stopping by to deal with this threat.

Jones has starred in quite a few genre shows and films over the years including ‘Falling Skies‘, ‘The Strain‘, ‘John Dies at the End ‘, ‘Tank Girl’, ‘Batman Returns’, and more! As such a huge fan of the cinematic adaptation of the ‘Hellboy’ universe, I can’t help but associate him with the role of Abe Sapien.

Are you excited to see another super villain for ‘Arrow’ to go up against? Are you a fan of Jones’ work and are happy to see him get another comic role? Share your thoughts below!

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