We’ve known that Dwayne Johnson has been cast as Black Adam in ‘Shazam‘ and now he is opening up both about his role in the film as well as the greater DC Cinematic Universe. Yes folks, it sounds like we’ll be seeing Johnson returning to the big screen in other DC films as well. Curious as to how this villain will evolve into an anti-hero with future big screen opportunities? During an interview with Total Film to promote ‘Furious 7’ and ‘San Andreas‘ he took a few questions on the character and gave clues as to what to expect!

First up, Johnson talks about the idea on how Black Adam will become an anti-hero over the course of the film:

“I think Black Adam is going to grow into becoming an anti-hero…It’s all written within the spirit of respecting and paying homage to the comics. As we know, Black Adam started out as a slave. When he’s given the powers, he utilized them. Then in the wake of his powers, tragedy strikes, which turns his sentiment and tone in terms of psychology.

It is good to know that Johnson really knows the character and how he’s evolved over the years.

What is also good to know is that we have more confirmation that Black Adam and Shazam will exist in the DC Cinematic Universe. In fact, Johnson teased that Black Adam might be facing off against some other well-known heroes down the line as well!

“It was all agreed that the worlds are all interconnected… One day you will see Black Adam go at it with Superman or Batman or any of the DC characters. But that said, there’s a great independence to Black Adam from the DC world, allowing us to inject, not only viciousness, but also winking humour.”

While that isn’t a guarantee that it will happen. I’d personally love to see Black Adam and Superman in a slug fest while they get their priorities straight. Also it is good to hear that this will bring some humor to the DC movies aside from just having The Joker on screen.

Are you looking forward to seeing Johnson as Black Adam? Share your thoughts below!

Black Adam will be electrifying the big screen in ‘Shazam’ in 2019.

Source: Games Radar