The ‘Deadpool‘ movie is in the works, with the next item on their To Do list being to find an actress to star as the female lead opposite Ryan Reynolds. The task will be tough, having to keep up with the comedic actor and fan-favorite character, and the choice is not made any easier by what appears to be strict guidelines handed down by the studio, clearly to keep it a female actress they can get relatively cheap, yet someone relatively well-known. Here are the options so far:

TAYLOR SCHILLING: Star of ‘Orange is the New Black,’ optimal choice for her experience with some dark situations, action and taking a beating, not to mention her comedic chops starring in Netflix’s dark comedy. Whether or not she could come cheap and manage to play off of Reynolds is the real question.

SARAH GREENE: Well known enough based on her work on History Channel’s ‘Vikings,’ which also clearly gives her some action experience, she might also be a better choice budget wise – she’s not the biggest star on ‘Vikings,’ and would most likely love a chance to launch her movie career. And for nerd cred, she was also involved in the game ‘Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag.’

REBECCA RITTENHOUSE: Fresh off the run of the unfortunately cancelled ‘Red Band Society,’ Rittenhouse is most likely to be given a chance due to her association with FOX, not to mention that of the bunch, she would probably demand the lowest salary. She’s talented, the right age, and although not extremely well known, definitely seems like she’d beable to hold her own alongside Reynolds in ‘Deadpool.’ Her only real downside is her lack of action experience, though that isn’t a deal breaker.

MORENA BACCARIN: She’s got science fiction experience from ‘Firefly,’ where she proved she could hold her own alongside the boys and do some action as well, though she might demand a larger salary based on her resume. And whether or not she can play off Reynolds is also unknown, as she might be a bit too mature for this sort of movie.

JESSICA DE GOUW: She has comic-book and action cred (due to her stint as the Huntress on ‘Arrow’), but is still not very well-known which would keep the price down. The biggest problem is that she is a DC name now, and the Marvel/X-Men folks might not want to cast her based on that association.

CRYSTAL REED: Lastly, we have Crystal Reed of ‘Teen Wolf’ fame, who has dealt with super-powers, action and some comedy before, but just might be too young to realistically star alongside Reynolds. She’s not entirely well-known (‘Teen Wolf’ having a relatively small cult following) which would make her a low-cost choice, but it would all depend on screen-tests with her and Reynolds.

There you have the choices, let us know what you think in the comments below!