Last week NBC released an announcement of a few shows that would be returning for another season. While genre favorite ‘Grimm’ was on that list, one jarring exclusion was the show ‘Constantine’ giving the impression that the network executives from hell might have given it the ax. But a new rumor has cropped up that NBC may have plans to save the series after all –  by sending it to the Syfy network!

When it was first announced that NBC wasn’t ordering any more episodes of ‘Constantine’ beyond the initial 13, it seemed the show’s fate may have already been written in stone. Usually the lack of ordering a full season points to an unofficial cancellation. While the series has not been bringing in the numbers close to the ones ‘Grimm’ has, the series had done much better than ‘Dracula’ which aired in the same Friday 10pm slot last year. Add to the fact that NBC changed the show’s time slot and that it wasn’t on their list of returning shows for next season, fans became more concerned.

Well, it seems that NBC is also a fan of the series and is reluctant to see it vanish. According to Cinelinx, their sources tell them that the network execs aren’t yet ready to exorcise ‘Constantine’ and are looking to move the series over to their sister network and rebranding the series under the name ‘Hellblazer,’ after the comic book series ‘Constantine’ is based on.

There are several advantages for moving ‘Constantine’ to the Syfy network. One obvious one is that the series wouldn’t be hampered with the limitations that it currently has being on a broadcast network. The series can expand creatively and get closer to the darker, edgier tone that most of the comic’s fans are accustomed.

Of course, all this is just rumor so fans shouldn’t get their hopes up just yet. However, Syfy did recently air a ‘Constantine’ marathon which did very well in the ratings. Whether this was a test run for the series to air on that network or a way to bring more attention to the show to boost up the numbers for the remaining episodes is unknown, but it does make you wonder.

So until we hear otherwise, ‘Constantine’ may still have some life in it (maybe not as many as Chas). Of course, once we hear of an official decision, we’ll let you know. Let’s just hope NBC feels the same way as the fans and decides to #SaveConstantine.

The final episode of Season 1 of ‘Constantine’ airs this Friday, February 13th at 8pm ET/PT on NBC.