‘Arrow’ has been building up a number of costumed heroes this season, and while we now have Laurel Lance running around Starling City as the new Black Canary, it was unclear whether or not we would see Ray Palmer (Brandon Routh) complete the ATOM suit and wield it during Season 3. Of course, now that he has Felicity on his side and working to prepare the suit, we should have known it was going to happen soon. And it appears we will finally see Ray Palmer become the ATOM and head out into the streets of Starling City on the February 25th episode of ‘Arrow.’

The interesting thing to note about the ATOM so far is that they have yet to discuss whether or not he will have his comic-book power of being able to shrink to minuscule size. So far it seems as though the suit will be armor, with weapons and strength enhancements, but neither Ray nor Felicity has talked about whether or not the ATOM will be able to adjust the size of his body, or how it would be able to do that. True, ‘Arrow’ takes place in a more realistic DC universe, but ‘The Flash’ exists in that universe, so anything is possible. Of course the shrink power may be a twist the show is holding onto, which they will reveal once the suit is complete.

And if Ray Palmer as the ATOM proves to be popular, he might not even stay on ‘Arrow’ that long. There have been rumblings of the CW giving the ATOM his own spin-off, would would really open up the CW DC Universe into something unique and special, as it would include 3 major DC heroes, none of which wears a red or black cape. For now, I’m very much looking forward to the ATOM’s debut on February 25th, and the cross-over where he and Felicity visit ‘The Flash’ later this season.

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