It’s here! Finally the wait is over. The trailer everyone was waiting 4 dropped with nary a whimper. Which begs the question… If a movie trailer falls in the forest and nobody cares enough to see it does it make a sound? And if the buzz around the movie is so negative nobody goes to the theater to see it does it even exist at all? But I digress…

Ok, I 4 one am the last guy to get all bent out of shape from a movie trailer. Trailers do not a movie make. They are often misleading as to the quality of the final product. I’m calling you out yet again ‘Phantom Menace.’ Plus, I didn’t even know this trailer was released until my boss told me so. There was almost zero buzz on social media. As opposed to ‘The Force Awakens’ trailer, the buzz of which was heard in actual space. Sure, there was some talk about the film, but almost all of it lukewarm to anxious. You see, Josh Trank is bucking the system to bring a fresh take on the fantastic foursome. Of course by fresh I mean putting the kids from Chronicle in matching super suits and making a lot of Marvel fans anxious. But hey, be 4 I get too far ahead of myself, let’s list some of the trailer’s pros and cons.


  • There are 4 people comprising the Fantastic Four
  • The visuals look pretty good; well above Corman levels


  • Deviating from established comic book lore. What’s wrong with space? Space isn’t sexy enough for you now? Did you not see Sandra Bullock’s little space spanks? And Teleportation? Meh, everything I needed to learn about teleportation gone awry I learned from ‘Star Trek’ and Brundle-Fly.
  • This @#$% is dark. The tone of the trailer is pretty gritty and dark. There was not one scene that looked fun.
  • Came across as anti-science and pro-ignorance. Yup, those scientists just can’t leave well enough alone. @#%! Curiosity.
  • No clear villain was established. Well, except the aforementioned science. Seriously, this movie is going to play really well in the South.
  •  They’re all kids. Nobody, even the little girl playing with Joshua, had any weight to them. No screen presence. Hey Trank, we already saw, and quite enjoyed, ‘Chronicle.’ There was no need to mislead 20th Century Fox into bankrolling your fan-fic sequal.

Yeah… so… I am not too happy with this trailer or what it means 4 the movie. I see a lot more ‘Man of Steel’ and a lot less ‘Avengers’ in its interpretation of the superhero genre. And that is troubling. Again it is just a trailer, a teaser at that, and might not be indicative of the finished product. Nevertheless it did nothing to hype, excite, or otherwise entice me into seeing the movie when it opens nationwide on August 7th.

TL;DR – I never really followed FF in the comics, accept when it would crossover with Spider-Man, but damn if a part of me I never knew existed didn’t just up and die while watching this thing. At least they were faithful to the “4” part. On a plus note, I’m glad DC is finally making Marvel movies. Who wants to go to the show and have some good old fashioned escapist fun anyway? The darker and more brooding the better! Can’t wait to see an underage Sue Storm snap Doom’s neck!

So what did you think of this Fantastic Trailer? Find your voice in the comments below.