After being introduced in ‘Amazing Spider-Man’ and playing a major role in ‘Spider-Verse,’ the latest Spider Totem of the Marvel Universe, Cindy Moon, will branch out into her very own ongoing series titled ‘Silk.’ First announced at last year’s New York Comic Con, the new title from ‘Supernatural’ writer Robbie Thompson and rising star artist Stacey Lee will star the girl that was bit by the same radioactive spider that bestowed the powers and responsibility of Spider-Man upon Peter Parker, except now she’s out and about in the world that moved right on by her while she was stuck in a bunker for ten years. And before the book debuts next month, we have our first look at the artwork of ‘Silk’ #1 right here.

In an interview with about the upcoming Spidey adjacent comic, Thompson discussed what drew him to the project in the first place and previewed what we can expect from the series:

“Cindy fascinates me. She gave up 10 years of her life and the world moved on without her. What does that do to a person?

[She] launched out of that bunker with a bang, and she’s hell-bent on making up for lost time. From an emotional standpoint, her goal is crystal clear: find her family. The only problem? They have completely disappeared. So, she’s going to be digging into her past, her family’s history, Ezekiel’s past and history.

Beyond that, Cindy’s got to learn her place in the world. There’s been so much change on a macro level; she missed Civil War and other big Marvel cataclysmic events. But on a micro level, the world moved on without her.”

The writer also mentions that Cindy’s job at Fact Channel will require her to chase down leads outside of New York City, so while we’ll see her tangle with established NYC mainstays like Black Cat, Silk will have her fair share of interactions with heroes based in other cities and some brand new villains.

And as if that wasn’t enough to get excited about, check out the first unlettered pages from ‘Silk’ in the gallery below, along with the regular cover by Dave Johnson and the variant covers by Stacey Lee and Skottie Young, before it hits the shelves of you local comic book shop on February 18th:

From the moment that we met her, I fell in love with Cindy Moon for so many reasons, so needless to say I am very excited for this series. But what do you think about ‘Silk’ #1? Will you be picking it up when it comes out? Let us know in the comment section.