Upcoming PS 4 exclusive title ‘The Order: 1886′ has finally gone gold, and alongside it comes a brand new story trailer.

Having been in development since 2010, the news of the title’s completion has been a long time coming for those involved.

“It’s almost hard to believe that the game is wrapped up. There are definitely times when we miss the madness that takes place when finishing a game,’ said Director Ru Weerasuriya in a PlayStation Blog post. “From our first initial pitch of the project back in 2010, to growing our team over the last four years, we have poured all our energy and passion into this game and we can’t wait for everyone to experience it.”

The trailer released alongside the news shows off a glimpse of what you can expect in the upcoming single-player action-adventure third person shooter. With a variety of steam punk-esque weapons to use and environments to explore, ‘The Order: 1886’  is expected to be one of the bigger Sony titles to be coming out this year.

In terms of story, ‘The Order 1886’ throws players into alternate universe Victorian-Era London where the human race has developed advanced technology to combat an ancient and powerful race of lycanthrope-like creatures. As Galahad aka Grayson, a member of an elite order of Knights, the player is tasked with joining this conflict in the midst of a rebellion spurred on by the lower classes of society. However, what truths and conspiracies are yielded within it only serve to spur an even deeper struggle that goes beyond what Galahad and the Order could ever have possibly expected.

‘The Order: 1886’ is being made by Ready at Dawn, a development studio mostly known for their work on the PSP ‘God of War’ games. The title marks the studio’s first time developing a major Sony console release.

‘The Order 1886’ will be available on the PS4 on February 20. 

Source: PlayStation Blog