After rampant fan demand for the scene to be released, most memorably by fans on Tumblr using the hashtag “trollenheim show us olicity kiss 2×23,” ‘Arrow’ producer Marc Guggenheim relented and released the axed scene from the Season 2 finale wherein Oliver and Felicity share a kiss. It came in the part of the episode where Oliver is professing his love for Felicity in sight of Slade Wilson’s hidden cameras, in order to set a trap for the wily villain who thinks Felicity should be his next target in his war on Oliver. Originally Oliver only professes his love for the spunky hacker, but in the deleted scene, they also share a passionate kiss, which clearly shows that while they were putting on the ruse to trap Slade, there was definitely more going on between the two of them besides the mission.

What a lot of fans do not realize, or have chosen to forget, is that the writers never intended for Oliver and Felicity to become an item, as in the comics Laurel Lance is Oliver’s leading lady. In fact, Felicity’s role on the show was very minimal in season 1, until the writers saw the chemistry with her and star Steven Amell, and began to change the story toward her and Oliver having an unrequited love. Of course, that doesn’t mean that Oliver won’t eventually date Laurel, especially once she comes into her own as the Black Canary and can handle herself against Oliver’s enemies, but it’s clear that in the show universe, if the Arrow is going to settle down with a lady for the rest of his life, it is going to be Felicity, there is just too much between them for that not to happen.

Anyways, check out the deleted clip below, and let us know in the comments what you think!

Source: Blastr