We closed ‘Hunger’ #3 with Captain Marvel having been defeated and Rick Jones having a crazy plan to try and make things right.

So here we are, in the forth and final installment of the ‘Hunger’ series. A series that has been following Galactus through the Ultimate Marvel universe. With Galactus being transported at the end of the events of ‘Age of Ultron’, I hope no one was really thinking that everything would be explained away in just 4 issues? This has all just been a prelude to the ‘Ultimate Cataclysm’ event that is going to be happening soon which will most likely bring the Ultimate Universe to its end.

At least, that’s what we’re being teased. How much Marvel is actually telling us is still a mystery. What we did get to see this issue, though, was quite spectacular. We opened with Rick Jones having donned the Ultimate version of Marvell’s armor to become Captain Marvel!

This issue is pretty much an extended battle between Rick Jones and the Silver Surfer pitted against the Galactus/Gah Lak Tus swarm mash-up. When the odds seem hopeless we see Captain Marvel find a way to try and save a few million people and take Galactus out! Unfortunately for him things never work out that easily. Fortunately for us the art that goes along with the battle that ensues is fantastic! Give Leonard Kirk more chances to draw aliens and anything that involves space!

We close the issue with Captain Marvel hearing from The Watcher. He hasn’t stopped Galactus, he just hurt him. Not only that, but he’s found out that the big man in purple is now on his way to the most energy producing planet in the universe – Earth. How can he stop him now? Well he can’t as now this Captain Marvel is in a new universe and has something there he has to deal with. Is he in the standard 616 universe? Will he be joining the ranks of the heroes we already know? Should we be worried that it looks like at least one of the swarm that went into a new universe with him is still alive? If he’s not in the standard universe, this may be the last we see of Rick. We’ll know in time! This book has clearly given us more questions than answers, but that’s all right as we’re about to get a multi-issue event to address some of them.

This really has been a great event to help begin to bridge the gap between the 616 and Ultimate Universes. In the near future it really sounds like the Ultimate Universe will be gone (unless it’s a secret strategy to relaunch it). I hope they do a good job at transitioning some of the characters over and in this issue we may have seen the start of that.

What did you think about the countdown on the Ultimate Universe beginning? Any guesses on which characters will cross over into continuity? Sad that we’ll probably be losing some of The Ultimates and Ultimate X-Men forever? Sound off below!


Writer: Joshua Hale Fialkov
Artist: Leonard Kirk