‘Arrow’ was a smash hit when it debuted and that led to a spin-off ‘The Flash’ which is also a solid hit.  Both shows have introduced live action versions of many DC Comics characters, good and evil, to a wider audience than the comics ever could have.  Well, now there’s another hero joining this shared universe, Vixen!  But not on either show, but instead in her own animated series, which will be offered this fall on The CW’s digital only channel, Seed.

Vixen is Mari McCabe, an African-born woman with animal based powers derived from the mystical Tantu Totem she wears as a necklace.  Mari can adapt whatever powers from the animal kingdom she wishes, from the ability to fly like a condor, the brute strength of an elephant, the healing powers of a lizard, even a powerful kick like a mule.

Vixen has previously appeared in animation in ‘Justice League Unlimited’ and ‘Batman: The Brave and the Bold.’ ‘Arrow’ producer Marc Guggenheim is heading up this new animated series which is slated to run six episodes initially and will serve as an origin story.  Vixen will be based out of Detroit, versus the made up Starling City and Central City.  Detroit is important, as Vixen basically made a name for herself as part of the ill-fated “Justice League Detroit” from the mid-eighties.

The character was originally created by ‘Justice League’ scribe Gary Conway and was intended to be the first black female super hero to star in her own book.  Unfortunately, those plans were scrapped due to financial reasons.  Conway however slipped her into some ‘Superman’ comics he was writing and eventually added her to the Justice League.

At the launch of The New 52, she was part of ‘Justice League International’ but the book didn’t last long and she slipped back into comic book limbo.

Whereas ‘Arrow’ centers around grittier, street level crime and ‘The Flash’ is more science fiction-based, ‘Vixen’ is said to be more mystical.

Joining Guggenheim on the project are ‘Arrow’ writers Brian Ford Sullivan and Keto Shimizu.  The voice of the lead character has yet to be cast, but Stephen Amell (Green Arrow) and Grant Gustin (The Flash) will provide the voices of their live action characters for the animated series, thus establishing that Vixen is part of their world.

‘Vixen’ will be the first ethnic female super hero with her own series in any medium.  Could this parlay into a live action turn, either on ‘Arrow’ or ‘The Flash’ or possibly her own prime time series?  Guess we’ll have to see.

Look out for Vixen this fall on The CW Seed!  Thoughts?  Feel free to comment below!

Source: Newsarama