It’s here it’s here! The shiny new ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’ trailer is here! Marvel fans and casual fans rejoice! Our lives once again have meaning and all is right with the world. Well, our world at least because the MCU looks like Hell.

The trailer opens in slow motion which as long time movie-goers we all know is never a good thing, especially for this lady who faceplants just feet from the transport. That’ll leave a mark.

We have a voice over and slow “No Strings” music playing in the background adding mood and reminding you of the dire circumstances our heroes are facing. And Hawkeye is in a forest somewhere feeling up a tree. I’m glad they expanded his part this time around.

The pace pics up as the voice over changes to that guy from ‘The Blacklist’ and we see some familiar shots of the newborn Ultron learning to walk Bambi style. Cue explosions, creepy green Ruffalo eyes, and a glimpse of the Miracles.

Now it’s Nick Fury’s turn to talk about trouble. And someone takes their clothes off in a hole. Thor gets his turn to speak, Iron Man gets smacked down by a real witchy woman (though it’s probably a trick of editing and really Ultron is beating him down), and Black Widow joins the voice over parade.

Now we start seeing the movie’s release date flashing up on the screen amidst the chaos that is a bunch of Ultron Bots swarming all over the place and causing general havoc. We see a beauty shot of Iron Man swooping in to the rescue with repulsors blazing. Hulk kicks something and Black Widow’s bottom, flanked by some serious hardware, makes a much anticipated cameo. Hey Joss, her eyes are up here!

We see Captain America getting choked out by an Ultron Bot and Hulk and Black Widow make googly eyes at each other while the guy from Stargate lets our heroes know that he is going to tear them apart, and from the inside no less! Which he then does by unleashing some scarlet destruction of his own… Palpatine style.

Now it’s time for some Avenger on Avenger violence; which, some might argue, is the best part about superhero team-ups. Hulkbuster smash!

Cue some logos and we have a trailer! While considerably better than the ‘Ant-Man’ trailer that debuted the other day but nowhere near as good as the ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ “finger” trailer, this one does leave a considerably good taste in your mouth. The band is back together and they are dysfunctional as ever! The stakes are a little higher and the whining in the voice over ends us to believe our Heroes know that going in. It’s a modern retelling of Frankenstein and is putting out all the right vibes.

That said… Where the #$*% are my Maximoffs!? We get to see Scarlet Witch use her powers for a good second but we see nothing of Quicksilver. His profile is flashed on the screen for a blink’s worth. Why? Is it because they don’t want to be compared to the fantastic and scene-stealing Quicksilver incarnation that the X-Men franchise toted out last film? Or is it because his on-screen effects are so awesome they don’t want to give anything away? What’s with the super secrecy regarding the Miracles?

This trailer is awesome because it is the Avengers, but really it didn’t show us anything that we have not seen before. And for that reason alone, it is kind of a disappointment. I know the finished product will astonish and amaze and a trailer does not a movie make… but I can’t help but feel a little letdown.

The Avengers assemble on May 1, 2015 . What did you think of the trailer? Find your voice in the comments below!