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We all know that the ‘Ghostbusters‘ reboot is going to have a full set of women leading the charge against the spirit world. Now it looks as if Melissa McCarthy (‘The Heat’,’Identity Thief’) is the forerunner to be one of the stars in the film, assuming, of course, that her schedule will allow it and she’s actually interested in the part.

Currently her ongoing role in ‘Mike & Molly’, let alone other confirmed movie contracts, might create a bit of a scheduling conflict for the actress. It should be no surprise that director Paul Feig wants to bring back one of the stars that he has previously worked with in films such as ‘Bridesmaids’ to strap on a proton pack and go up against ghosts.

At this time, aside from the TV series, McCarthy is also set to shoot ‘Michelle Darnell’ for Universal. Currently, they are trying to work out a schedule so that if the the movie is shot in mid-March and ‘Ghostbusters’ began production in June she would still be able to get the role.

I’m sure it doesn’t hurt her chances that she and Feig have already done three films together and they’ve clearly developed a perfect adaptation for his style of humor on the big screen. I think it is that style of humor though that has many worried about the future of the franchise even if it is supposed to have a darker tone.  Feig has been reported stating that he wants “ours to be scarier than the original, to be quite honest.”

A previous main talent that he has met with is Rebel Wilson who is another star that he has worked with in the past who has also primarily worked in comedies.

With all of the comedic talent he is meeting with, it’ll be interesting to see if the plan is to have a PG-13 horror comedy or if we’ll just a new take on the R-Rated comedies that he is known for. Yes, the target is PG-13 to add another reason for many people who are wondering how the film will end up to groan. Of course you do have to remember that the original ‘Ghostbusters’ was pure horror comedy and only had a PG rating.

Do you think that McCarthy would make a good Ghostbuster? Are you worried about how much comedic talent is being looked at when there is so much being said about the film attempting to be darker than the original? Share your thoughts below on who you’d like to call if ghosts came around!

Source: The Hollywood Reporter