Last year, one of Marvel’s longest running comics, ‘Fantastic Four’ came to an end with issue #588 with the death of Johnny Storm, the Human Torch. The superhero team added Spider-Man to the lineup, changed its name to The Future Foundation and relaunched with ‘FF’ #1.

Now things might be brewing in the FF universe. Today Marvel released a teaser image with the classic ‘Fantastic Four’ logo and the tagline “November 2011”. Since then the speculation is that ‘FF’ writer Jonathan Hickman may be returning the Fantastic Four to the status quo with it’s original numbering.

This would make sense as ‘FF’ issues #10 and #11 will both hit comic stores in October. That would make the next issue #600 if the ‘Fantastic Four’ returns to its original numbering.

What does Hickman have planned for this milestone issue? We have nothing to go on at this point but the ‘Fantastic Four’ logo. However, early speculation in the comic community is that Johnny Storm may just return from the dead and return Marvel’s first family to it’s traditional lineup. Of course, this is all assumption and theory at this point. We’ll have to wait until November to find out if the issue is ‘FF’ #12 or ‘Fantastic Four’ #600.