The world has constantly been buzzing about ‘Star Wars’ since the Disney acquisition and ‘Episode VII’ was announced. Rumors of who’s returning from the original cast have been running rampant. Talks of Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher, Harrison Ford, and many more returning have been floating all over the internet. The only character announced to actually return is R2-D2 and we know this because of the first official picture from the production. But could another staple of the original trilogy be returning to the fray as well? And is this return connected to another recently announced ‘Star Wars’ project? Clearly, Billy Dee Williams knows something that we don’t.

According to Jedi News, the actor famous for bringing Lando Calrissian to life recently appeared at Rhode Island Comic-Con and teased his involvement in a new project on Netflix called ‘Rebels’. However, he said he couldn’t talk about it and the moderator quickly moved on when someone in the crowd asked if it was ‘Star Wars: Rebels’, the new animated series coming to Disney XD in 2014. Bleeding Cool managed to find some audio of this panel, so check it out below around the 40-minute mark to hear the interaction in question:

Since it’s already been well established that ‘Star Wars: Rebels’ would be on Disney XD when it premieres, I find it hard to believe that the production that Williams is talking about and the upcoming Lucasfilm cartoon are one in the same. Plus, he never actually said that it was a ‘Star Wars’ project, so chances are that he will not be popping up in cartoon form next year.

That being said, Lando would definitely be alive during the time frame of ‘Star Wars: Rebels’ so it wouldn’t be too far fetched if he appeared on the show at some point. Also, with Disney-owned Marvel’s recently announced collaboration with Netflix coming into play, who’s to say that Lucasfilm hasn’t struck a similar deal, but nothing has been officially announced yet?

There are a lot of theories and hypothetical situations in play right now, so let’s just assume that Billy Dee was talking about something else other than ‘Star Wars’ this time. But, pretending that he wasn’t, would you like to see Lando in ‘Star Wars: Rebels’? Better yet, would you like to see him in ‘Star Wars: Episode VII’? Share your thoughts in the comment section.