Just when you thought Syfy was safe for pure science fiction, once again the channel has announced that they are planning to develop a new unscripted series titled ‘Hackers.’ With the release of ‘Ascension‘ and upcoming shows such as ‘12 Monkeys,”Krypton,”Childhood’s End,’ ‘The Magicians,”Kill Joys,’ ‘Olympus‘ and more, you would think that the channel has finally gotten back on track.

That is until now. The network has announced that they are teaming up with the Relativity Television to shine light on the “shadowy and dangerous world of high-tech hackers” which none of us know anything about after the Sony hacks and the holiday outages to PlayStation Network and XBox Live are anything to go by.

The series is set to go behind the scenes and show us the secrets to how many of the most infamous cyber-crimes actually occurred. The series will use digital graphics to show what actually happens when a computer network is broken into. As soon as I heard that, all I could think of was any scene of so-called-hacking from the 90s movie ‘Hackers.’

That being said, these will all be based on true stories and each episode will have profiles and professional secrets about the hacker who committed the crime, how they did it, and the officials in law enforcement who brought them to justice. It’s a completely new series set out to give us a new take on digital crime.

This series, while relevant from major events going on in the world as of late, doesn’t seem to really fit the new concept being pushed by the network. This seems to be straying away from the message of a return to science fiction that they have been stressing with each new series and miniseries announcement and does not fill me with hope that Syfy is truly ready to part ways with the programming that has been bogging down the channel for years.

Are you interested in learning more about the seedy underworld of hacking? Do you think this is a show that Syfy should be pushing with their supposed re-commitment to pure science fiction? Share your thoughts below!