During CES 2015, gaming hardware company revealed Forge TV, a brand new Android-based gaming and multimedia console.

Forge TV is designed to bring the world of Android gaming, as well as applications like YouTube, Crackle, Hulu, iHeart Radio and Red Bull TV to the comfort of the living room.

A host of accessories designed for the console were also showcased at CES 2015 as well, such as the Razer Serval, a wireless controller to be included in specific Forge TV bundles, and the Razer Turret, a gaming mouse and lap keyboard.The console itself supports up to four Serval controllers, as well as any compatible Android based controllers, including PS4 or Xbox 360 controllers.

Forget TV can also be controlled using iOS, Android, Chromebook and even Windows devices. Depending on the applications or games, users are able to send their Forge TV data back to their own devices via cloud save.

For technical junkies, in terms of specs, Forge TV will contain a Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 processor, an Adreno 420 graphics processor, 2GB worth of RAM,  802.11 ac Wireless, a Gigabit Ethernet port and 16GB of storage space.

A key component of the Forge TV is in its software. In Spring, the console will be able to run a beta of Cortex: Stream, a program that can allow users to stream PC games to the console to a TV, regardless of the graphical power of the hardware they are using.

The starting price for Forge TV $100 by itself. Bundles including a Serval controller will cost about $150. For the Serval controller alone, it will cost at around $80, while the Turret gaming mouse and lap keyboard will be $130.

Forge TV and the Razer Serval controller is due out for release sometime in Q1 of this year, while the Razer Turret is due out sometime in Q2.

Source: Tech Crunch