The big buzz over at the Syfy channel is their attempt to bridge the world of television with the world of gaming through the new series ‘Defiance.’ While it is a big undertaking, many have been wondering how this would actually occur and now executive producer of the series, Kevin Murphy, and SVP of Development for Trion World, Nick Beliaeff, have explained how the two will meld together.

The concept of putting the two media platforms together has been 4 years in the making. According to Beliaff, “We had these early talks about how to make it work with traditional pitches and it didn’t work. We hit the reset button and came up with a completely new approach and it was to make a world that is big enough for both of us to be successful.”

The series will be a live action representation of what the gamers will be experiencing as they play the game. The actual MMO game ‘Definance’ will premiere online 2 weeks before the series debuts on the Syfy channel. When the main characters are not seen in the game, they will be prevalent in the show and vice versa. Events in one platform will then appear in the other allowing the gamers a multilevel of experience. As Murphy explains,

“…if you play the game right away, you get to hang out with Nolan (Grant Bowler) and Irisa (Stephanie Leonidas) as non-player characters. When they leave the game, they are gone into our (TV) world. In the pilot, there is a very small role of Ryn, who is a spirit-rider. She becomes very important in episodes four and five, and then she leaves the show in episode five to go into the video game. If you are watching/playing both, she comes into the game in a very big way then returns to the show at the end of the season.”

One thing they did make sure about the show is that you don’t have to a gamer to enjoy or follow the storyline of ‘Defiance,’ but those who do get into the game will have a lot of advantage.

So what do you think? Is this interactive game and series something you would watch and play?

Source: Blastr