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It’s safe to say that the majority of geeks worth their salt will agree that there’s nothing quite like going to comic con! There’s just something you can’t quite put your finger on about getting together in a couple of massive rooms with a bunch of other people who are all into the same geeky things you are! Comics, toys, celebrities and a ton of cosplay make an awesome recipe for a good weekend, and that’s just what we had to look forward to this past weekend at The Great Philadelphia Comic Con 2017!

This past weekend live on the convention floor at The Great Philadelphia Comic Con 2017 to bring the whole convention experience to you with some of the best Cosplay pictures we could find! The Expo Center in Oaks, PA was packed to the gills with comic book fans all weekend and we managed to find more fantastic Cosplayers than you could shake a stick at! On Day Three of The Great Philadelphia Comic Con, we had plenty of luck finding great new costumes to bring you, with costumes of some of your fan favorite characters from Back To The Future, X-men, Star Wars, Batman, The Avengers, and even from the Miyazaki films! Each day after the convention we are bringing you a brand new gallery, so be sure to check out third and final Cosplay Gallery from The Great Philadelphia Comic Con 2017 below!

Arkham Knight

arkham knight


batgirl 2

Black Panther & Dr. Doom

black panther doom

David Bowie(s)


Captain America

captain america

Captain Boomerang

captain boomerang

Batman (Batmen?)



captain marvel

Doc & Marty

doc and marty



Batwoman & Cheetah

batwoman cheetah

Halo Spartan

halo spartan

Indiana Jones and Marion

indiana jones

The Joker & Killer Croc

joker killer croc

Kid Flash

kid flash

King Triton, Ursula, & Ariel

little mermaid

Midna & Link

midna and link

Sub Zero & Raiden

mortal kombat

Ms. Marvel

ms marvel

Nightcrawler & Ness

nightcrawler ness

No Face

no face

Poison Ivy & Two Face

poison ivy two face

Prototype Boba Fett

proto bobafett

Red X

red x



Sailor Moon & Vegeta

sailor moon vegeta

Scarlet Witch & a Star Fleet Officer

scarlet witch star trek

Sinestro Corps Batman

sinestro batman



Squirrel Girl

squirrel girl

Super Boy


The Flash

the flash

Voltron Force

voltron force

The Wasp


Witch Doctor

witch doctor

The X-Men: Pheonix, Cyclops, Beast, Rogue, & WOOF-Erine





That about does it for our Great Philadelphia Comic Con Cosplay coverage! Thanks for staying tuned and be sure to check back throughout convention season for more! Don’t forget to check out our Day One Cosplay Gallery and Day Two Cosplay Gallery if you haven’t yet!

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