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With Sony pushing for the new ‘Ghostbusters‘ reboot to happen sooner than later it seems as if director Paul Feig is already meeting with potential leads for the film and one of them is Rebel Wilson. Wilson had previously worked with the director on ‘Bridesmaids’ and it should come as no surprise that he’ll have at least one or two of his previous leading ladies make a come back here. In fact, during promotion for her most recent film, ‘Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb’, Wilson revealed that she had already been in talks with Feig about the film.

Here is exactly what she had to say in an interview for “The Today Show”: “Look, I have had a meeting, but who knows. They have to look at the script when it’s finished…I would do that even without the money truck because ‘Ghostbusters,’ the giant marshmallow man if that’s going to be in it…yeah, I’d do that for free. I probably shouldn’t say that on TV.”

So it seems as if Wilson has been approached and depending on the script and other acting commitments would be extremely interested in taking a part in the film. I have a feeling she won’t be working for quite the price she mentioned above but if so, that sounds like a great way to cut costs on a film that will almost need a high budget in at marketing to try and wipe away the stigma of a full reboot. Had the film decided on going with a continuation of the beloved set of films from the 80s, based on the leaked script from 2009, this may not be as much of an issue. Although, that film would not  have been feasible to make without Bill Murray.

While I’m all behind the idea of an all female cast, I’m clearly still not sold that they had to go with a reboot instead of a continuation of the original story. The first trailer is going to have to do a really amazing job at selling me to check the film out.

With so much strong female talent out there it’ll be interesting to see who ends up wearing a proton pack in the upcoming film and if they’ll go more for just a comedic approach or a film with a bit more of a darker tint. The first film was able to really do a good job at mixing comedy and suspense and is a hard one to follow (you only have to watch ‘Ghostbusters 2’ to see that!).

What are your thoughts of Rebel Wilson being one of the ‘Ghostbusters’ in the new film? Do you think she’d be great for a part or, if not, who would you like to see join the cast?

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