Universal is moving forward with its remake of ”The Birds’. It looks like this classic film by Alfred Hitchcock has found a director and they have signed Diederik Van Rooijen (‘Penoza’,’Taped’) to make it happen. I’m not quite sure, however, ow they are going to make birds nearly as terrifying as they were when the original film was released in 1963.

While the director’s name is not a familiar one state side, Van Rooijen is probably known for the series he wrote and directed called ‘Penoza’ which was later remade as ABC’s ‘Red Widow’. Right now there are no names attached and the most recent screenplay was done by Jonathan Herman (‘Boogie Nights’, ‘The Talented Mr. Ripley’).

This is a film that truly doesn’t need to be re-made. I don’t know what kind of an idea they could stick in to make it original enough to be worth watching. I won’t lie. I’m curious as to what they have planned here. I’m not holding my breath for an amazing film but I hope they at least have a twist to make this worth checking out.

What do you fine folks think? Are we in for a treat or do you have the same nagging suspicion that I do which is that this is a film that does not need a remake? Anyone remember ‘Psycho’ with Vince Vaughn?

Source: The Hollywood Reporter