Patrick Melton (‘The Collector’) and Marcus Dunstan (‘Saw IV’) are back in the writer’s chair for horror and this time will be adapting Alvin Schwartz’s classic tales found within ‘Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark’. They pitched and CBS Films has picked up what they are selling. That’s right, this classic set of stories will be adapted to a full feature length film. The movie itself will focus on a group of outcast children that need to stand up to their inner fears to save the town they live in when everyone’s nightmares come to life.

Originally, when Schwartz released the ‘Scary Stories’ novel, they were all a collection of folklore and urban legends. The franchise has expanded to now include 3 different books of short stories: 1981′s ‘Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark’, 1984’s ‘More Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark’, and finally 1991’s ‘Scary Stories 3: More Tales To Chill Your Bones’.

With three separate books published, the scribes have plenty of stories to choose from when creating the film. Not only that, but these two men are slightly known for making horror franchise films. So what does that mean? We may see ‘Scary Stories’ become a success and end up being two to three films by the time it’s all said and done.

While the concept of what the books are about is interesting enough, the synopsis of the first book really doesn’t give away what stories are found within:


Are you brave enough for Scary Stories?

Some boys and girls were at a party one night. There was a graveyard down the street, and they were talking about how scary it was.

“Don’t ever stand on a grave after dark,” one of the boys said. “The person inside will grab you.”

“A grave doesn’t scare me,” said one of the girls. “I’ll do it right now. . . .”

What do you think? Do Patrick Melton and Marcus Dunstan have another franchise hit on their hands? Will these films end up being straight forward or have more of an anthology vibe? Sound off below!

Source: Deadline