Capcom recently revealed ‘Street Fighter V’ during Sony’s PlayStation Experience event and that title will be exclusively release on PS4 and PC.

The gameplay trailer below showcases a brawl against longtime fan favorite characters Ryu and Chun-Li. Just as always, the fast-paced combos and special moves of the ‘Street Fighter’ franchise are all here again for fighting game fans to re-learn, input and master all over again.

As far as potential new features go, the gameplay footage subtly showcases what looks like to be some kind of stance mechanic that players can trigger that puts energy effects around their attacks and special moves. In terms of what perks these special fighting stances offer is still unknown.

The ‘Street Fighter V’ gameplay footage also shows that the game will have layered fighting arenas as well, meaning that stages will have different areas in them that players can take their fight. For example, the footage has the battle starting out on a city sidewalk area. But when Chun-Li kicks Ryu through a wall, the battle continues in a Chinese restaurant.

With the title officially announced, only so many details have been released concerning the game. Other than what has been shown in the trailers, it has been only officially revealed that the game’s online multiplayer will be cross-platform.

Speaking of official details, the game’s announced exclusivity comes as a bit of surprise. However, VP of Publisher & Developer Relations Adam Boyes affirmed during the PlayStation Experience keynote presentation that “‘Street Fighter V’ will be built from the ground up for PlayStation, and that PlayStation 4 will be the only console that this game ever appears on.”

On top of the announcement of ‘Street Fighter V’, Capcom also announced a PS4 version of the critically acclaimed ‘Ultra Street Fighter IV’ set to release in 2015. The new generation version of the game is an enhanced edition that will feature various graphical upgrades. It will also include all of title’s released DLC as well.

‘Street Fighter V’ has no announced release date yet but is planned to be released exclusively for PS4 and Windows PC. 

Source: PlayStation Experience Keynote