There is only one more episode of ‘Arrow’ left to air this year, next week’s episode 10 entitled “Left Behind,” which will heavily feature Laurel training for what has seemed like her eventual destiny since the very first episode, if you’re familiar with the comics at any rate, although they threw fans for a loop with a psych-out in season 2.  Unfortunately after this, the show, like many others, will take a winter break to return next year, but producers have announced that as a treat, viewers should expect the return of a fan-favorite villain, namely season 2’s big bad Slade Wilson/Deathstroke played by Manu Bennett.

Deathstroke was last seen locked up in the ARGUS Supermax prison in Lian Yu in the season finale episode of last season, but the mastermind vowed to return and fans won’t have to wait too long.  Once the show returns (presumably in January although it hasn’t been officially announced), there’ll be three episodes focusing on Laurel and her evolution (expect a new Canary to cry in Starling City before the end of the season!) then in episode 14, Deathstroke makes his return.

Unfortunately that’s all that’s been revealed.  Preferably, the villain will show up in Starling City, but it’s possible he will appear in another flashback.  But there’s another possibility.  Producers have already stated that they are considering additional spin-offs, in addition to the hit ‘The Flash.’  With that show doing so fantastically, I’m sure that’s pushed the idea of more  spin-offs closer to a reality.  With the introduction of the ‘Suicide Squad‘ last season, and with an unrelated live action movie with an all-star cast on its way, Task Force X could prove bankable.  And as lethal as he is, could Deathstroke make a valuable asset?  Can he even be trusted or controlled?

Are you excited to see the return of Deathstroke?  Can you stand the wait until next year?

Source: Screen RantCinema Blend