In order to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the PSOne, Sony has revealed a brand new custom limited edition PSOne colored PS4 console.

The console will be available for preorder in US and Europe for $499 and €499 respectively starting Saturday, December 6. However, supply of the console will be limited to only 12,300 units worldwide.

As far as how to get yourself one, Sony has clarified that more details concerning preorder purchase of the limited edition PS4 will be announced during the PlayStation Experience keynote presentation starting at 10 A.M. Pacific / 1 P.M Eastern.

The limited edition PS4 will have a silver/grey finish with a PSOne logo at its center. If you look at the video or pictures below, you can also catch in more detail of a section of the system with tiny etchings of PlayStation button logos and a number two to symbolize the PSOne’s 20th anniversary. Collectors looking to pride over acquiring the console can do so with a small plate on the lower right hand corner of the console that shows what unit number out of the 12,300 units available that they have.

The console will also include a custom PSOne colored DualShock 4 controller with the same button etchings that appear on the console also appearing on the controller’s touch pad. A PlayStation 4 camera with the same color scheme will be included as well. Like the console, each accessory features the classic PSOne logo, with the logo appearing on the center button of the controller, and on the side of the camera.

It’s easy to forget that it has nearly been twenty years since the launch of the original PlayStation console. Released on September 9, 1995 in North America, the console marked Sony’s entrance into the videogame console market, which at the time was dominated by companies like Nintendo and Sega.

Those looking to preorder the 20th Anniversary Edition PSOne PS4 can find out how to do so this Saturday during the PlayStation Experience keynote presentation this Saturday, on December 6. 

Source: PlayStation Blog