inhumans-prime-1With the ‘Inhumans Vs. X-Men’ event coming to a close there is going to be a big shake-up in both the worlds of ‘The Inhumans’ and ‘The X-Men.’ For the those who aren’t mutants, the dynamics are going to be shaken up as we see most of The Inhumans head out to the stores while same remain behind on Earth. There will be three new series being released titled ‘Royals’, ‘Secret Warriors‘, and ‘Black Bolt’ though they will all be kicking off in a book by Al Ewing with art by Ryan Sook in ‘Inhumans Prime’ #1 which will be due out at the end of the month.

Today, we’ll be seeing Sook share some artwork and details of what to expect without any of the major spoilers that would ruin the titles for us. What we will be getting in this issue though is Maximus being put on trial as well as a new Marvel Boy being introduced to the Marvel Universe.

As Maximus is Black Bolt’s brother, he is often let off with a pretty light slap on the wrist all things considered. This trial might be remarkably different from what we’ve seen in the past:

“I feel like Maximus has definitely crossed a line that there’s no coming back from after this. The consequences for the rest of the Inhumans though are maybe even more surprising than Maximus’ actions. Game changer.”

For the new Marvel Boy who is being introduced we don’t have a lot of details on the character himself but for his design:

“I can only say that Marvel Boy comes across as a really cool character whose potential for the future of the Inhumans, only hinted at in this issue, sets him up to be a really important and cool character in the Marvel Universe going forward. In part because his new design by Jonboy Meyers is so awesome!”

With a new look for Marvel Boy have any of the other Inhumans gotten a facelift?

“I didn’t rework any of the designs. Thankfully! I just got to draw Jonboy’s awesome redesigns for the most part, which, as with Marvel Boy, are awesome line-wide. I just took the opportunity to play up all the awesome elements of those new designs and some of the classic designs in my style which was a pleasure all around.”

It sounds as if they’re ramping things up for The Inhumans once again. While Marvel hasn’t been able to push this successfully in the past, I’ve always enjoyed the books which have seen them among the stars. With the increase in popularity of characters such as the ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’, this could very well be the right choice to finally get them in front of a wider audience.

Are you looking forward to the three new ‘Inhumans’ titles? Which one sounds the most interesting from what scant details that we have so far? Share your thoughts below True Believers!

Bonus: We’ve also got a slew of the early art for the book to share with you:











Source: Marvel

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