“Oh, remember that you fashioned

Me from clay! Will you then

Bring me down to dust?”

 So what happens when you get abusive Wesen siblings, a rabbi wanting nothing more than to protect his sister and nephew, and a jar of sacred clay? Well, nothing good for the bad guys.

Still working to reverse engineer Adalind’s concoction that removed Nick’s Grimm powers, Monrosalee and Elizabeth are interrupted at the shop when two masked men brick the window with a wolf trap brick, stating their distaste for mixed Wesen marriages. Though it may pay dividends later on this season, for now, it’s no more than a distraction, one that doesn’t get in the way of Elizabeth, after a few hours of toil and trouble, finally figures out Adalind’s spell. Minus one vital ingredient…

A most unpleasant way to die

Speaking of trouble of the Wesen kind, a drunk and belligerent Keith pays a visit to his ex-wife Sarah and step-son, wanting to have another chance with his family but his abusive ways, the same behavior that drove them away in the first place, rears its ugly head in the most literal of senses and he woges in front of David after tossing them around a bit. They are able to get away and, when Ben, Sarah’s brother visits his family, the rabbi knows he must do something lest his family is taken from him. After promising his sister “never again,” he taps into Jewish lore, summoning a golem that takes care of the abusive Keith quick, fast, and in a very messy and clay-filled way.

Now, on to the next kind of trouble, one Theresa Rubel. When Juliette finds her gone, with only her chess piece as a by your leave, Nick pays a visit to the trailer and finds Portland’s only Grimm hiding out there. She comes clean about Chavez and the kidnapping, hoping that her staying away from their home will keep Nick and Juliette safe. The detective belives to opposite is true, and convinces her to return and keep him in the loop as it pertains to the FBI agent/covert Wesen.

It’s not long after the detectives are called to the Fisher house and Keith’s mysterious death. While walking through the scene, Nate, Keith’s similiarly belligerent brother arrives, pissed at his brother’s death and points the finger at Sarah. The detectives pay a visit to Sarah and her son, even calling Trubel in to help talk to David. He opens up to her about monsters and she relates, gaining his trust, an important gesture to pay dividends later on. Ben’s also at the hospital during the visit and ends up returning to his sister’s home, shocked to find some very familiar clay residue in the front yard. He ends up calling the detectives and confessing to the crime. Well, at least admitting that he called forth the golem. He gives them the jar with the residue—which ends up matching the clay at the crime scene. Before they set out to return to the case, Renard returns to a round of appreciative applause. Before he’s able to settle down, Wu comes to him regarding Trubel and the photo of her as a suspect in a few murders from last year. The captain promises to look into it, though his face shows he’s already working out a way to obfuscate Wu’s inquiries.

Ben comes clean about the golem but Sarah doesn’t believe it…not yet

Upon their return from the hospital, Ben, Sarah, and David get a surprise visit from Nate. He goes about threatening the family just like his brother and, just like his brother, he pays for his actions with a mouthful of clay. Nick and Hank arrive at Nate’s property just as the golem finishes its duties against him. Putting two and two together, the detectives and Ben realize the golem is protecting David and can only be banished by putting the parchment containing the summoning prayer into its mouth. How to do that? Well, Nick has to go bad cop and threaten David. It works and the clay figure tosses David’s ‘tormentors’ away, even ready to end Trubel when the boy finds his courage and banishes the creature on his own. “That’s the last time I yell at a kid,” Nick says when all is said and done.

But it isn’t done just yet. Celebrating their victory with a quiet dinner at home, Nick answers the knock at his door to find Elizabeth and Monrosalee on the other side. They have everything they need for the spell for Nick to regain his powers of Grimm save for one thing. Juliette.

Wait, what?

A World of Monsters

  • Though the majority of monsters Nick faces are of the Wesen variety, we have intermittently been given a glimpse of non-Wesen entities in Grimm. It’s always interesting to see writers branch out from the norm. Who knows what else may be out there.
  • Trubel’s relationship with David was touching and poignant. A young boy who has seen monsters—in the most literal of senses—was given strength in Trubel’s words that the bad guys don’t always win. We love stories where good conquers all but that doesn’t happen. Just as important, though, is to remember that bad guys, just because they play by different rules, are destined to have the advantage. Belief in one’s self and what you stand for, is the most important aspect of one’s character. Conviction and faith: both drive us to achieve things we normally wouldn’t be able to accomplish.
  • Speaking of monsters, Adalind has a few monsters of her own to deal with, namely a stairwell of tears.