There are lots of actors and actresses who come across as jerks in interviews, which makes it all the more charming to read or hear interviews with child actors who are humble and gracious and intelligent.  Madison Lintz, the girl who played Sophia in The Walking Dead on AMC, is no exception in the interview with AMC.  The interview itself is brief, but she sounds like a normal kid who sees acting as “[her] own game of pretend” and looks up to her fellow actors and actresses as a source of wisdom and experience. Here’s her level-headed response to losing her job due to turning into a zombie:

“It was surprising, but I could see how it worked out for the show. And I had to learn to get over it — every job comes to an end!”

No fits, no crying, no tantrums – it’s so refreshing!  Madison’s parents have certainly done a fine job raising her.  I also love that the show memento she wants is the doll she carried, and that the one she actually kept is a “really weird rock.”

Watching the behind-the-scenes video of the barn scene is also great.  They show the makeup they put on Madison at about the 2:08 mark, which she handles like a champ.  I’m impressed by how articulate she is, and also that she was able to be a convincing zombie without going through the famed “zombie school” that the crew holds for other actors.  It’s a lot to handle for a kid, and I think she’s doing an excellent job of handling the pressure.

Sophia’s time may have ended on the show, but I have high hopes for Madison.  She seems like she’s mature enough to make it through an acting career without becoming another emotionally damaged starlet.  I bid her a fond farewell from the show, and I hope she finds some more roles in the near future.

Find the full interview on AMC.

Here is the behind the scenes video.