daredevil poster

It has been a long year of waiting for the further adventures of Matt Murdock, aka Daredevil, in Hell’s Kitchen, but based on the latest trailer released from Marvel/ Netflix, it looks like it will be well worth it. Today the studio released the first trailer for the new season, which is an interesting marketing play since the “trailer” actually features no footage from the new season, it is basically just a recap of everything that has transpired so far. Which makes sense in a way, as the fans clearly loved the first season, and do not need to see scenes from the new one to get excited for what is coming.

The trailer definitely hits the ‘Daredevil’ tone as well, with church music playing while the camera pans over religious type paintings of scenes from the first season, including voice-over from all of the key players that Murdock interacted with during his first foray as Daredevil, ending with him asking his priest why he still feels guilty, and the priest basically saying it was Matt’s soul saying there was still work to be done. I personally got the chills watching, and when the camera pans out and you can see the church itself with the paintings against the back wall, I could not help but feel that maybe there were some clues to Season 2 in there, especially when the glass shatters on the windows on the right side, making me think maybe one of the climactic scenes of the season will take place in this church. Who knows? Maybe Murdock will take Castle to church to try to trigger his humanity once more, or make him feel guilty for all the ones he has killed during his run as the Punisher. Regardless, I will definitely be watching that trailer a few more times before ‘Daredevil’ Season 2 finally premieres on March 18th.

Check out the trailer below, and the new poster (which is amazing, especially with the subtle Punisher skull hidden within), and then share your thoughts on what is to come in ‘Daredevil’ Season 2 in the comments below!