As one of the most profitable and well known video games of all time, it is kind of surprising that until now we haven’t been able to find out many details of the film adaptation of ‘Warcraft.’ What has Duncan Jones been cooking up in secret? It seems he’s round up quite an impressive line up of actors and at this year’s Blizzcon, he has finally revealed who they are and what role they’ll be playing!

Here’s the official breakdown:


Anduin Lothar (Travis Fimmel) – The lead protagonist for the Alliance, Lothar is a war hero who has sacrificed everything to keep the people of Azeroth safe.

King Llane Wrynn (Dominic Cooper) – King Llane is the leader of the Alliance city of Stormwind and a beacon of hope to its people in a time of darkness.

Medivh (Ben Foster) – Known as ‘the Guardian,’ Medivh is a mysterious and reclusive protector who wields formidable power.

Khadgar (Ben Schnetzer) – Khadgar is a gifted young mage, embarking on a daring search for the truth.

Lady Taria (Ruth Negga) – Taria is the royal Queen of Stormwind, King Llane’s great love and most trusted counsel.

Garona (Paula Patton) – Caught between the Alliance and the Horde, Garona is a strong-willed survivor who must decide where her true loyalty lies.



Durotan (Toby Kebbell) – The lead protagonist for the Horde, Durotan is the noble Chieftain of the Frostwolf Clan, battling to save his people and his family from extinction.

Orgrim (Rob Kazinsky) – Orgrim is Durotan’s right hand and a brave warrior destined to wield the Doomhammer: a weapon of orc legend.

Blackhand (Clancy Brown) – Known as ‘The Destroyer’, Blackhand is one of orc-kind’s most fearsome and titanic warchiefs.

Gul’Dan (Daniel Wu) – Gul’dan is a supreme orc ruler, fueled by a dark magic that even he cannot control.

Now, that looks like an impressive list of characters and if you are familiar with the ‘Warcraft’ Universe you’ll know that some of these characters have been around since the very first ‘Warcraft’ game came out. There are going to be a ton of Easter Eggs for fans old and new built in right off the bat and with ‘The Hobbit’ series coming to an end, this is probably the lead contender on the next big budget fantasy epic to grab our imaginations.

Along with the cast reveals, new posters for the film were also released:

And the biggest bonus? Legendary has also launched two websites for players of ‘World of Warcraft’ in and Signing up through either promises to deliver you exclusive content in social bonuses and more!

While not much more was announced about ‘Warcraft,’ Jones did state that the film would be based on the first ‘World of Warcraft’ game ‘Warcraft: Orcs & Humans’ and would spend equal time showing both the Horde and Alliance factions making sure both sides of the war was represented.

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Orcs will battle Human for the fate of Azeroth when ‘Warcraft’ breaks onto the big screen on March 11th, 2016