Just days ago, DC released this image to tease their upcoming event ‘Convergence’ set for release next year, the 30th anniversary of the groundbreaking series ‘Crisis on Infinite Earths’ that ended DC’s sprawling multiverse and relaunched the company’s comic book line for a new generation.

But now, it looks like DC is going back to the idea of having a multiverse.  There is Grant Morrison’s current miniseries ‘The Multiversity’ and now ‘Convergence’ which per this illustration sees the return of Earth-2, Earth-3, Earth-4, Earth-S/5, a separate Wildstorm reality and others.

But what we didn’t know, is that this isn’t all!  DC  has since released an even more elaborate version of this image, with even more realities depicted.

From the far left and working clockwise:

  • Earth-30, the setting of the Elseworlds miniseries ‘Red Son’ in which Kal-El’s rocket landed in the Soviet Union instead of the Kansas corn field of the “main” Earth.
  • Clockwise upward, appears to be “the” single Earth that existed before ‘Flashpoint’ with Wally West as The Flash, Renee Montoya as The Question, Cassandra Cain as The Black Bat, non-hooker-y Harley Quinn and Stephanie Brown as Batgirl.  Worth noting is that Wally, Renee, Cassie and Stephanie are among the fan favorite characters that fans have been complaining about being missing since the New 52 launched.  (A different version of Wally was just introduced.)
  • To the right of that, is the “main’ pre-Flashpoint Earth in the 90s, with Hal Jordan as Parallax, Aquaman with long hair and a harpoon hand, John Henry Irons as Steel and Azrael as Batman.
  • Clockwise upward is too small to make out… perhaps DC is going to release and even larger image?  If I had to speculate, I might say it was Harbinger from ‘Crisis on Infinite Earths’, but that’s a total guess.
  • Below that is the classic, pre-Crisis Earth 2, with Alan Scott as Green Lantern and Jay Garrick as The Flash,  along with Power Girl as well as Alan’s kids Jade and Obsidian.  A newer version of ‘Earth 2’ exists in the New 52, but this is the original.
  • Upward to the right… ummm that’s Batman.
  • Below Batman is the pre-Crisis Earth-3, populated by the Crime Syndicate of America, Ultraman, Johnny Quick, Power Ring, Super Woman and Owlman.  These characters were reimagined post-Crisis and once again in the New 52, but once again this is the original version.
  • Upward to the right and to Batman’s direct right is the wizard Shazam that granted Billy Batson his super powers as Captain Marvel, now called Shazam, himself.  Presumably, this is Earth-S or as it is more commonly called now, Earth-5.  (It was called Earth-S after Shazam, but S and 5 look alike in Comic Sans, and most Earths are numbered.)
  • Below Shazam, to the right of the Crime Syndicate is Earth-4, introduced in ‘Crisis on Infinite Earths’ #1, populated by characters originally published by Charleton Comics.  Depicted are Ted Kord as the Blue Beetle, Vic Sage as The Question and the Silver Age version of Captain Atom.  These were among the characters that inspired ‘The Watchmen’.
  • Upward to their right is Earth-X or as it is referred to now as Earth-10 (X is the Roman numeral for ten), a world where the Nazis won World War II.  A gathering of heroes from Earth-2 journeyed there as Uncle Sam and the Freedom Fighters to rise up against the tyrannical rulers.  Depicted are The Human Bomb, The Ray, Plastic Man, Phantom Lady and Uncle Sam himself.
  • Downward to their right is the pre-Crisis Legion of Super Heroes, from Eath-1 but in the 30th Century.  Shown is the pre-Crisis Superboy, Superman as a teenager who fought crime in his hometown Smallville and would travel through time to go on adventures with the Legion.  Also shown are the three original members of the team, Cosmic Boy, Lightning Lad and Saturn Girl.
  • Below the Legion are just some random people.  If these people have any significance that I am unaware of, please leave a message in the comments section below.
  • Below the Freedom Fighters, sandwiched between the Earth-4 heroes and the Legion is the classic Marvel Family, presumably also on Earth-S/5, Captain Marvel, Captain Marvel Jr. and Mary Marvel.
  • Below the Marvel Family to the right are Captain Carrot and his Amazing Zoo Crew, a fondly remembered comedic comic from the early 80s.  Their adventures were said to take place on Earth-C.  Shown are Fastback the speedy turtle, Yankee Poodle, Pig-Iron and Captain Carrot.  Earth-C apparently was actually considered part of the multiverse as Superman appeared in the first issue.  Also, as a side note, in the series, Earth-C had a parallel world called Earth-C Minus, which was the home of the Justa Lotta Animals, animal versions of the Justice League, which included Super Squirrel and Wonder Wabbit among others.  Earth-C is now considered Earth-26.
  • To the left of Captain Carrot and friends is a stand-alone Wildstorm Universe.  Shown are Deathblow and three members of Gen-13, Grunge, Caitlin Fairchild and Sarah Rainmaker.  These were characters created by Jim Lee and other staffers of his Wildstorm Studios, originally published by Image Comics, until Lee signed a deal with DC.  His characters remained in their own reality, until DC launched the New 52 and integrated several of his concepts into the main DC Universe.  These two, however, as far as I know, have not been depicted yet.  This is now considered Earth-50.
  • To their left are from the Elseworlds series ‘Batman/Dracula: Red Rain’, in which Batman and his friends and foes are vampires.  This is considered earth-43.
  • Below Captain Carrot, in the lower right… this one I can’t make out.  It appears two plain-clothes males, but one is floating on air.  Once again, if anyone recognizes this, please leave a comment below.
  • Below the Wildstorm characters are the characters from ‘DC One Million’, an event that took place during Grant Morrison’s run on ‘JLA’ in the 90s and early 2000s.  These characters came from the year One Million and journeyed back to the “present’ to meet the modern Justice League.  Shown are their versions of Superman, Hourman, Starman, Batman and Robin the Toy Wonder, a robotic sidekick.
  • To their left are the Tangent Universe characters from Earth-9.  DC ran two Tangent events in which characters had the same names as mainstream characters, but nothing else in common.  Depicted are their versions of Superman, Green Lantern, the Flash and The Atom.
  • To their left, like the woman at the top, is too small to really make out.  It could be a version of Clark Kent.
  • To the left of Telos’ butt (sorry), once again looks like some random average citizens, who could be from any Earth.
  • At the very bottom to the left, is Earth-18, as shown in the two ‘Justice Riders’ Elseworlds miniseries, which depicted a version of the Justice League in the Wild West (in the 1800s, naturally).  Included are Wonder Woman, The Flash, Batman and Hawkman.
  • Upwards to their left is the alternate reality of ‘Flashpoint’ with Captain Cold, who is a hero in that world, the Reverse Flash and Emperor Aquaman and Queen Wonder Woman, who are standing together, despite them being at war in the miniseries.  (Wonder Woman even beheads Aquaman’s Queen, Mera.)
  • Downward to the left is the nightmarish cyborg Justice League from the first issue of ‘The New 52: Future’s End’.
  • Upward to the left, is the Elseworlds futuristic setting of ‘Kingdom Come’, with Superman, Wonder Woman, Donna Troy, Roy Harper as Red Arrow and Dick Grayson as Red Robin.
  • Finally, at the very bottom to the left is pre-Crisis Earth-AD, Earth after the Great Destruction devastated the world, setting of the futuristic series ‘Kamandi’ depicting the Last Boy on Earth, along with his Animal Men allies.

Considering that the New 52 has only been around for three years, I can’t imagine DC abandoning it in order to switch back to a multiverse.  But considering that 2015 does mark the 30th anniversary of ‘Crisis on Infinite Earths,’ and the New 52 has already introduced the concept of parallel universes with the series ‘Earth 2’ and ‘Worlds’ Finest’ starring world-hopping Huntress and Power Girl, it shouldn’t be that surprising.  Earth 2 was devastated by Darkseid and his forces, but when the despot from Apokalips tried to invade Earth 1, he was turned away by that world’s greatest champions who then decided to permanently band together as the Justice League.

No word on whether Darkseid will play a part in ‘Convergence.’  Beside new baddie Telos, we do know Brainiac will play a major role, possessing cities from various realities and times shrunken down in bottles, which he will then enlarge on the same planet as a grand experiment.

‘Convergence’ will be a nine-issue weekly miniseries written by television scribe/comic newbie Jeff King (‘White Collar’, ‘Continuum’, ‘Stargate SG-1’) collaborating with Dan Jurgens and Scott Lobell and will be drawn by various artists.  In addition, there will be 40 (40!!!) two-issue miniseries that will accompany the main story.  That’s right… 80 tie-in issues.  At least DC is NOT publishing its regular books those two months.

Are you excited to see a return to the multiverse, even if it’s just temporary?  Are there any alternate Earths that you are hoping to revisit?

Source: Super Hero Hype