World War Z 2

The oft-delayed sequel to ‘World War Z’ has once again been pushed back.  At the beginning of March, it was announced that the film, to be directed by David Fincher, had been pushed back.  It was supposed to begin filming in January before Paramount announced that production was being pushed to this fall.  At the time, it was apparent that the script still needed some work.  That is still the case.  Production on ‘World War Z 2’ is now expected to take place in 2019.

Back in March, it was announced that star Brad Pitt had signed on to Quentin Tarantino‘s ‘Once Upon a Time in Hollywood’.  (He is also involved in negotiations with ex-wife Angelina Jolie regarding custody of their kids, forcing him to remain in the LA area.)  Now it appears that Fincher has also found another project, which may in part also be part of the reason for the delay on ‘World War Z 2’.  Fincher will begin production on the second season of his Netflix original serial killer series ‘Mindhunter’ by the end of the month.  He and his collaborators have spent months in pre-production and once filming starts, it will stretch into late summer, with post-production taking things into the fall.

It’s unclear at what stage the script is in.  The first draft was penned by Stephen Knight.  That was then rewritten by Dennis Kelly.  It is not known who is currently reworking it.  As far as pre-production goes, locations have been scouted in Bilbao, Spain, Sweden, Texas and elsewhere.

The first ‘World War Z’ was released in 2013 and went on to make $540 million worldwide.  The production on that movie was infamously beleaguered with filming ceasing after it had begun in order for the third act to be completely rewritten.  Reportedly the budget ballooned to $200-$250 million.  Everyone thought this was a sure-fire turkey but fans were receptive and the film earned a profit.

Are you sad that the ‘World War Z’ sequel has been delayed yet again?  Do these delays worry you?

Source: The Playlist