Last week, Marvel Studios surprised the world by unveiling their line up for Phase Three. It was shocker after shocker as studio president Kevin Feige revealed what the next few years in the Marvel Cinematic Universe would look like. And much to the delight of True Believers around the world, they even announced the first Marvel movie to feature a female lead, ‘Captain Marvel’. But it looks like fans weren’t the only ones to be caught off guard by the announcement of Carol Danvers’ very own live action feature film.

In an interview with IGN, current ‘Captain Marvel’ writer Kelly Sue DeConnick revealed that she too was completely and delightfully stunned by the news of a movie based on a character so near and dear to her heart. Under her direction, Carol Danvers underwent a resurgence of popularity in 2012 and spawned a legion of fans known as the Carol Corps. But when it came to the next big thing for the Air Force pilot turned cosmic superhero, the writer was left in the dark about it. However, DeConnick isn’t upset about it in the slightest:

“I was gobsmacked. I did not see that coming, and I would have bet high dollar against it. I could not be more thrilled to be wrong. There’s nothing adversarial about it. It’s just a billion-dollar industry where they have to keep everything very close to their chest.”

But why was DeConnick left to find out this news when the general public did? As she points out in the interview, she writes for Marvel on a work-for-hire basis, so she’s not privy to information the same way people like Brian Michael Bendis, Joe Quesada, or even Rob Liefeld because they are all consultants to some degree on many of Marvel’s projects outside of comic books. Regardless of being out of the loop (at least for now), the fan favorite writer known for being a champion of diversity remains optimistic about how Carol’s movie could take off:

“The only thing I know [about the movie] is what [Kevin] Feige said at the announcement, which is, she’s an Earth-based Carol who has cosmic-based powers. So the tone of the film is very much up in the air. It’ll depend, I’m sure, on the screenplay, what direction they want to go with it, and the vision that their director has. There’s a lot of different ways they could go with Carol. I have every faith that they’ll do well by her. The films have been utterly fantastic. But without knowing anything about the film, the only thing that I could say that’s new is, hey, yeah, female protagonist. I could not be more excited about that.”

As a member of the Carol Corps myself, I too am extremely excited about ‘Captain Marvel’. But what about you? Are you looking forward to Carol Danvers’ big screen debut? Do you hope that Kelly Sue DeConnick will be involved in some way? Are there any classic storylines that you hope will inspire the film? Share all your thoughts and theories in the comment section.