Once word came that a new take on ‘Alien Nation‘ was coming, fans were a little annoyed but Jeff Nichols (‘Midnight Special‘,’Mud’) has confirmed that this isn’t actually going to be a remake but a new look at the universe. Honestly, with how he describes it, the entire concept seems a bit more fun to explore though I’m not quite sure it is what the studio would have wanted when they pitched it to him. Fox has been on a roll with remakes as of late so you might think they just wanted that but Nichols has an idea to explore the world of ‘Alien Nation’ in a new way and quite clearly use it as social commentary at the exact same time.

The reason being is that the movie is something he was already working on but when he was pitched to do ‘Alien Nation’ he realized he could use that as the setting for his own idea to make sure it actually got made:

“It’s pretty much my idea. It doesn’t really have anything to do with the original. Fox called to ask me to do that. I said, ‘No.’ But I had been working on this bigger idea of my own and then I thought about it said, well you know, that’s a good title. And that title could go on to my bigger idea, then maybe I might actually get a chance to get it made. So in that sense I’m currently building it the same way I built all my other movies, meaning kind of from the ground up.”

So while we may still see an alien and human police officer working together to solve a crime, it seems like the larger idea of looking at refugee integration which is a reality for the entire world right now will be explored.

“With Alien Nation you’re looking at a society that was already built, they were already integrated into the society. And if you go back further and you think about those early days, that’s what I was focusing on.”

It sounds like an idea that actually could work since it looks like we’ll be exploring a different time period and set of characters.

Are you looking forward to an ‘Alien Nation’ that takes off right as the aliens are landing and trying to make a new home among humanity? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Screen Rant

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