Fox’s new hit Batman prequel series ‘Gotham‘ has offered a glimpse at the early days of Gotham City, just after the deaths of Thomas and Martha Wayne as young Bruce starts down the path that will eventually lead to him becoming the Dark Knight.  As part of this journey, the show’s real focus, a young Detective Jim Gordon encounters fledgling versions of those that will eventually become the foes of Batman, including Oswald Cobblepot (The Penguin), Victor Zsazs, Edward Nygma (The Riddler), Ivy Pepper (Poison Ivy) and Selina Kyle (Catwoman), not to mention the Falcone and Maroni crime families.  In addition, the show has mixed in new creations including Fish Mooney and The Spirit of the Goat.

Now another classic villain, one who recently rose to new heights in awareness, is set to make his ‘Gotham’ debut… The Scarecrow.  On ‘Gotham’ Jonathan Crane will be a legacy character.  He, like Bruce, Selina and Ivy, will be a child, but his father will serve as a first-generation Scarecrow– a mantle that young Jonathan will eventually inherit.

‘Gotham’ was recently given a full season order, meaning that the show will get six additional episodes than were originally requested by Fox.  The Scarecrow will probably appear in one of those six episodes.  It was previously announced that Harvey Dent would appear within the initial run.  Harvey Dent is traditionally depicted as Bruce Wayne’s best friend, an altruistic district attorney, who is disfigured and becomes the villain Two-Face.  He has been played by Tommy Lee Jones and Aaron Eckhart in the movies.  This will mark the character’s first live action TV appearance.

In the comics, The Scarecrow used air-based chemicals to instill fear in his victims.

What do you think?  Are you looking forward to The Scarecrow joining the cast of ‘Gotham’?  Are there any other Bat-villains you’d like to see on ‘Gotham’?

Source: Screen Rant