Remedy Entertainment has revealed a full gameplay video for their upcoming Xbox One exclusive time manipulating third person action game ‘Quantum Break.’

Narrated by the Remedy Entertainment’s creative director Sam Lake,  the 16-minute gameplay video contains some footage originally shown at Gamescom earlier this year. However, the video also contains footage that was exclusively shown at the event to journalists behind closed doors as well. Most of the footage showcases the game’s immensely cinematic qualities as well as its time manipulation mechanics featured on top of its third-person shooter gameplay.

‘Quantum Break’ is set in the fictional university town of Riverport. After a time machine experiment there goes horribly wrong, the sequence of time starts to break down causing multiple anomalies to occur all over Riverport. Three people, Jack Joyce, Beth Wilder and Jack’s best friend, Paul Serene are caught in the blast of the failed time experiment. Serene ends up being thrown  into a portal while Jack and Beth both gain the ability to stop time. To the shock of Jack and Beth, Serene soon returns 17 years older and head of an evil corporation called Monarch Solutions. Pursued by Serene, both Jack and Beth must use their powers to figure out a way to fix time from while stopping Serene from fulfilling his evil ambitions.

The game will be released alongside a live-action TV show to support it. While the game will follow the exploits of Jack and Beth, the show is set to focus more on Monarch Solutions and antagonist Serene. It isn’t required for players to watch the show in order to play the game. However, watching the show gives players strategies and insights that can help the player find unique ways to play the game as well as help them discover unique content.

‘Quantum Break’ is being developed by Finnish game developer Remedy Entertainment. The studio is best known in the gaming industry for their work on the first two ‘Max Payne’ games as well as ‘Alan Wake.’

‘Quantum Break will release exclusively for the Xbox One sometime in 2015.