“What does the fastest man alive do on his day off?”

It’s a good question and, evidently, the fastest man alive likes to play games to the tune of ‘All Right Now.’ But it’s not just for the fun of things, rather an extension of the previous tests to gauge Barry’s continually evolving abilities. Of course, the fun doesn’t last and the levity is interrupted when a four-man heist team trying to steal the Kahndaq Dynasty Diamond, is detected. They are led but quite the planner, one who is meticulous and kills only when necessary. The Flash—or Streak, as he is currently known across the blogosphere—stops the baddies but they get away after Barry carts a wounded guard to the hospital. The good news is that he’s seen the leader’s face and it’s Leonard Snart, son of a dirty cop but a highly successful thief by his own merits. Snart’s primary MO: follow his rules and always finish the job. It’s a lesson the man who shot the guard finds out the hard way.

A new villain for Central City’s speedster

Iris and Barry have their moments when the former expresses her frustration with her father’s handling of her dating Eddie Thawne. Of course, she also has The Streak blog-thing going, something Barry tries to down play but Felicity’s unexpected appearance in his lab halts any more discussion. The super cute nerds spend some time together, taking a walk in the park when Felicity admits to knowing just how fast Barry can be. Secret identity out of the bag, Barry invites her to STAR Labs and introduces her to the team. Everyone gets along with the Starling City tech queen and when the two visit Iris at the coffee shop, the latter dons her matchmaker cap. She recognizes just how cute the two super smart and quirky kids are and strong arms Barry to some Trivia Night double date fun with her and Eddie.

Speaking of Eddie, he and West are casing the Diamond exhibit in search of Snart when the younger man brings up the elephant in the room; his relationship with Iris. West feels the talk is a breach of protocol as they aren’t friends and, later on, when Iris presses him on the issue, he admits how the relationship alters his abilities to be an effective partner to Eddie. Finally, Iris understands and backs off but things aren’t over quite yet.

While the good guys are living their lives, Snart’s planning two and three steps ahead. With the aid of a STAR Labs employee, he gets his hands on a cold fusion gun, just the thing that could slow down the Flash. When Felicity shows up for trivia, the chemistry between her and Barry is undeniable though Mr. Allen is in a similar boat as she, having to watch someone he loves not realize his feelings for her. She catches the looks he gives Iris but when Snart is spotted taking a tour of the diamond exhibit and fleeing from the scene, Barry makes his way to Snart’s location, arriving just before detective West is popsicled by a blast from Snart’s. It’s not without a price though as the gun injures the speedster and, playing on a theory, Snart tests Barry even more by putting innocents in his crosshairs. He’s able to save all but one poor soul and the distraction allows Snart to get away.

Back at the lab, the effects of the cold gun has Barry healing very slowly. Things go from bad to worse when Cisco—who’d already been dressed down by Wells—admits to creating the weapon. Barry’s not upset for Cisco’s reasons on creating the weapon, rather his omission on telling him and the others about it once they became friends. Snart’s precision and his newest toy—even without his remaining crew, who end up deserting him—drives Barry to do more. “I have to go faster,” he proclaims to Felicity but she can see through him and what the stress of his new hero position can do to a person. She recounts her experiences on Team Arrow, offering him this sage advice: “I’ve seen firsthand what this life can do to people. It’s a lonely path. Don’t make it any lonelier than it has to be.”

“You have your partner’s back. No matter what.”

Trying to make up for his mistake, Cisco figures out how to locate Snart and, once they tell Barry, the speedster’s on his way. He’s still angry with Cisco, making sure they see him cutting off his radio as he wants to do it alone. Despite what he says, Felicity lets the gang in on a secret. “You have your partner’s back, no matter what.” It’s such an apropos statement in the final minutes as, during their chase for Snart, West orders Eddie to stay back. Lucky for the veteran detective, his partner ignores the order, throwing out “I’m your partner, not your assistant” right after saving West’s life. Barry tracks Snart to a train where the newly christened Captain Cold (courtesy of Cisco, of course) forces the train’s derailment. He knows Barry’s weakness; his need to save others and while he does save everyone on the train, it allows Snart to get the drop on him. He gets caught full blast and is at Snart’s mercy when Cisco, Caitlin and Felicity arrive with an even bigger gun. Snart allows for the stalemate, not wanting to chance getting frosted and leaves with the diamond, while the others return to the lab.

Apologies made and fences mended, the gang is back together again. Felicity says her goodbyes while West and Iris also make up. His promise of “no more secrets” is quite dubious considering he’s holding a streak of a secret in his pocket, one that Iris will ultimately find out and, when she does, both West and Barry will be in the field of fire of a woman betrayed.

Barry’s not done with Felicity though and catches her on the train to give his own personal goodbye. They speak to each other about love not recognized and Barry remarks that telling Iris will change everything. “It will,” Felicity agrees. “But maybe that’s not such a bad thing.” They joke about just how perfect they’d be together before mutual promises to be there for one another. They share a kiss before Barry takes off into the night and back to his city. Back to his life. Back to Iris…


Snart’s flying solo now but with the Streak flashing through the city, he needs a new kind of crew. He still has the heat gun the fence showed him earlier. He makes a proposition to a former partner. “You still like playing with fire?” he asks Mick, whose face we never see. But we do hear his voice and sinster laughter. He’s in all right.