Monster Hunter

Sony has scheduled ‘Monster Hunter’ for release on September 4, 2020.  At this point, there are no other films scheduled to open on that date.  ‘Monster Hunter’ is based on the popular video game series, and the is directed by Paul W.S. Anderson and stars Mila Jovovich, plus Diego Boneta, Meagan Good, Tony Jaa, Ron Perlman, and T.I.  The story of ‘Monster Hunter’ follows a group of military experts who find themselves transported to a world teeming with gigantic creatures.  In the game, groups of players fight to take down these beasts in order to craft new weapons and armor from their dead bodies.

Behind our world, there is another — a world of dangerous and powerful monsters that rule their domain with deadly ferocity. When Lt. Artemis (Jovovich) and her loyal soldiers are transported from our world to the new world, the unflappable lieutenant receives the shock of her life. In her desperate battle for survival against enormous enemies with incredible powers and unstoppable, terrifying attacks, Artemis will team up with a mysterious man (Jaa) who has found a way to fight back.

Anderson previously directed Jovovich in the entire ‘Resident Evil’ movie series, which was also based on a video game franchise.  Video games movies have a reputation for being terrible, but in this case, the ‘Resident Evil’ series lasted for six installments and generated over a billion dollars worldwide.  It seems as though Constantin Films (who produced the picture) are hoping to replicate that success with ‘Monster Hunter’.

Fans of the video game have been disappointed with news regarding this film so far.  The idea of drawing in military soldiers from the real world and placing them in the fantasy world of the games looks to be too big a leap from the source material.  But we’ll have to wait until next fall to see whether or not Anderson makes it work to everyone’s satisfaction.

Source: Deadline