Obviously if we’re talking about a plot point on the ‘Game of Thrones‘ series that departs from the novels, we’re going to be giving away spoilers for both the book and the television show, so here is the obligatory reader beware warning!

Now that the fun filled disclaimer is out of the way… We’ve already seen one departure involving Jamie Lannister as well as Iain Glenn’s Ser Jorah and Tyrion, so what other big change can we expect this time? There are no leaked or spy shots from the set , however there will be a big change in the upcoming fifth season that is related to the entire Iron Islands subplot and that is…

It’s being completely omitted.

Here’s what sources are saying as to why:

“An assumption among some readers of George R. R. Martin’s novels is the watery Iron Islands subplot will be explored. While the Dorne-based subplot will be in season five, producers have previously indicated the Iron Islands subplot has been omitted. This makes sense as the show already has so many characters and settings to juggle, plus is adding the Dorne scenes. Unlike in AFFC, where Martin could bench half his major characters to take on two major subplots, a TV series must stick with its cast members (and contractually has to use its actors or risk losing them).”

Right now there is no word as to if we’ll be returning to this plot in the sixth season or not. This omission was actually hinted at previously when the producers were asked last season if they were going to touch on the Dorne subplot or the Iron Islands in Season 5. Their response? “Dorne.”

So we won’t continue seeing the adventures of the Greyjoys. Honestly, I’n not terribly torn up on that as while there were some interesting subplots there, they’ve been my least favorite on the show so far. On the flip side, completely taking a year off from one of the subplots before returning to it might leave some watchers scratching their heads when we do eventually end up returning.

What do you think of the choice to skip out on the Greyjoys? Were you looking forward to checking out the Kingsmoot subplot and see what else happens with the Greyjoys?

Source: EW