jason isaacs star trek: discovery

CBS’s newest televised incarnation of one of their oldest franchises, ‘Star Trek: Discovery,’ was already having a rough go of it during the show’s production: there were multiple premiere-date delays, the initial looks into the visuals of the show seemed odd to many fans, and the creative team couldn’t keep their story straight as to the background of certain characters.

In a move that makes the phrase “head-scratcher” seem almost too tame, ‘Discovery’ star Jason Isaacs took the time in a recent interview to essentially insult long-time fans of the franchise.  When asked about his thoughts on fans’ reactions so far and what viewers may think when the show premieres next month, he had this to say:

“I don’t mean to sound irreverent when I say I don’t care about the die-hard Trek fans. I only ‘don’t care’ about them in the sense that I know they’re all going to watch anyway. I look forward to having the fun of them being outraged, so they can sit up all night and talk about it with each other. It’s ‘Star Trek,’ but not as we know it. There are places obviously where they’ve observed canon to do with things like uniforms and badges and stuff, but there are places where the rules of storytelling are reinvented.”

Isaacs’ statements are also directly at odds with the creative team for the show, who have stated that they’ve worked hard to “respect canon” throughout the creation of ‘Discovery.’  Fans, of course, questioned this statement as well, seeing as how the look of the show in all videos and images released by CBS thus far seem like a visual far cry from ‘Enterprise’ or ‘The Original Series,’ the two ‘Star Trek’ shows that the new show is sandwiched between in the Trek timeline.

Isaacs went on to wax poetic about the world we live in today and other semi-dramatic stuff like that:

“I don’t know how to explain the anarchy and chaos. One of the things I can do as a storyteller is be part of stories that hold up a vision for the future where we just do better.”

For better or worse, fans don’t have long to wait to get a good look at full episodes of the series.

‘Star Trek: Discovery’ will premiere September 24, 2017, on CBS, before moving to the CBS All Access paid streaming-only service for all future episodes.