Guillermo Del Toro has become a familiar name to horror fans from his fun take on the genre with ‘Hellboy’, his visually creative ‘Pan’s Labyrinth’, his giant monster action flick ‘Pacific Rim‘, and most recently his novel to televised conversion of his book ‘The Strain,’ so you might wonder what exactly scares this mad tinkerer?

Well any real scare happened to Del Toro when he was younger as not too much scares him these days. However, what did really freak him out as a kid actually came from an episode of a TV show and not from a movie. His love for horror most likely stemmed from the series in general but in this instance we’re talking about a specific episode of ‘Night Gallery. ‘ Here’s what he had to say about it:

My golden measure is pretty depressing. Because when I was a child, I watched an episode of Night Gallery called “The Doll.” The Doll turned around and looked at the camera and smiled and I literally just peed like a hose. And I was screaming uncontrollably. And my father just grabbed me and took me into the bathroom and put me in the bathtub… That for me was the highlight; that’s as scared as I’ve ever been in anything.

Freaky dolls you say? I wonder if he plans on checking out ‘Annabelle‘. I haven’t seen the film yet though I’m sure the original episode would actually put the film to shame as I doubt it lives up to the high standards that ‘The Conjuring‘ has set for it. At any rate, ‘Night Gallery’ was the classic anthology series which Rob Serling hosted on NBC in the seventies. It was also the series that really scared the Hell (and pee) out of a young Del Toro and helped mold him into the mad cinematic tinkerer that he is today.

Have 50 minutes and want to check out what all of the fuss was about that helped point a young Del Toro onto the path of his life long love of horror? Well, we’ve got you covered! Actually Hulu has you covered but either way you can check out the video below:

Source: Cinema Blend