It is often said imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, which makes it slightly funny ‘Forever’ hasn’t really managed to separate itself for the pack until this tale of a killer who copies famous murderers.

ForeverEvents spiral quickly when an unmarked package arrives at the police station. Since said package also happens to be bleeding, Henry is called in to investigate and discovers a human heart inside. Utilizing his examination and knowledge from investigating a similar case in 1880’s London, Henry quickly determines the killer is emulating Jack the Ripper.

Soon after, a long awaited return from Adam finally comes about, as the mysterious man gives Henry a call, claiming to have also been in London for the Ripper slayings. This leads Henry to suspect Adam may be behind the killing, but doubts form almost immediately, as the caller begins to provide help in tracking down the murderer.

Unable to go to the police with this information without revealing his secret, Henry enlists Abraham’s help to retrieve a ledger from another antique dealer, le ‘Frenchman’ (who isn’t french or a man) hoping it may provide vital clues. A mistake repeated from the Ripper case gives Henry and Detective Martinez their first real lead and even leads them to a suspect. After a quick confrontation at a library they interrogate and discover the identity of this suspect. The person in custody is a writer of a popular graphic novel series called ‘Soul Slasher’, about a demon who influences famous killers across time.

Lucas turns out to be a fan of the comics and his knowledge of the series, coupled with another call from Adam, helps Henry determine who the killer will be emulating next. Taking data from the ‘Soul Slasher’ fan page leads the police to apprehend another suspect who took credit for the murders on the fan page’s forum. The young man’s alibi proves solid, but Henry has his doubts… Using his wits and words, he is able to confirm the boy’s last name is in the antique dealer’s ledger of whom the murder weapon was purchased from.

Henry’s fervor for the case could be his undoing, however. The ledger was obtained by Abraham illegally, and therefore would be inadmissible in court. Unwillingly to let the killer walk on a technicality, Henry returns the ledger and attempts to negotiate the dealer’s silence for his friend’s transgression. A deal is struck, but with new information Henry realizes the killer is actually the boy’s father.

While rushing out to inform Jo, Henry encounters the father, and is left stabbed and bleeding out in front of the antiquities store. The killer then proceeds into the store, with the intent to kill the dealer who could implicate him. It is only by Henry’s quick action that they buy enough time for help to arrive. After a tumble down a flight of stairs, Henry is incapacitated by a broken back in addition to his other injuries. The killer heads back up to finish his work, but Martinez manages to corner him.

After a quick struggle, she ends up shooting him in self defense. After checking on the antique dealer, it seems Jo is only moments away from discovering Henry, and soon after, his secret. But he is saved by a most unlikely source in quite a gruesome fashion.

Adam makes a sudden appearance, seeming eager to help protect Henry. He goes so far as to slits Henry’s throat with medical precision, only moments before Jo would have discovered him.

After Henry recoups and breaks down the recent events with Abraham, he and Jo share words over drinks. They discuss the difference between the killings and Jo’s action of self defense, expressing his relief that the event is bothering her so deeply. To Henry, it is when killing doesn’t seem to bother someone that real troubles begin to surface… As evidenced by the cold method in which Adam ‘saved’ him.

One last call from the man of mystery brings another revelation. Adam offers congratulations on the case and states some of Henry’s views will change with time, claiming Henry to be a relatively young man in comparison to him.

With a solid and gripping case, coupled with actual character development with every member of the main cast, ‘Forever’ finally appears to be moving forward and coming into its own. Hopefully it shall continue on this course and deepen the intrigue between these two immortal men from here on out.